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Home Buying and Selling Made Easy with Morris Gallardo

Buying or selling a home can be a confusing process.

Let real estate expert Morris Gallardo guide you through all help you through any obstacles and concerns you may have regarding your home buying or selling experience.

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Let Morris And His Agents Walk you through their 10 point Home Buying/Selling Process.
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 unnamedMorris Gallardo – Biography

Jose Morris is a native of El Paso and raised to understand the value of hard work. His first job was as a construction worker with his grandfather’s company building quality homes throughout El Paso. Since an early age he was told to be proud of his work and taught that it is reflected by his workmanship. Those principles are with him to this day and he applies them to every client’s needs.

Every case is unique and must be considered from all angles evaluating credit criteria, work history, down payment options, financing, the client’s timeframe and understanding their needs vs. preferences.

It is crucial to the client’s experience and success to develop a plan for their particular goal. Buying and selling real estate should not be overwhelming or difficult. Understanding the process and knowing what pitfalls to avoid can make the difference between a smooth successful transaction or the unnecessary stress from avoidable complications and worse yet the loss of time and money on a failed contract. “We must approach all opportunities as if they were our own taking no short cuts and always being upfront. I know how to do the research that will not only protect your interests but also leverage the information so you can make an informed decision when buying, selling or financing your home” – Jose Morris Gallardo.

Technology has made the home buying and finance process much easier by giving both professionals and consumers instant access to information in real time, however, it has also inundated the web with an overwhelming number of sites all promising to have the magic formula for credit repair, the lowest rates for mortgage finance or where to find discounted properties for sale only to find that they are marketing ploys to get your information in order to sell you a service.

My goal is to provide all potential customers the level of service they can rely on as their go to source for lending programs, down payment assistance and representation if buying or selling their home.

We provide a one stop service where the consumer can get the right information on what they need to qualify for finance and down payment assistance programs or to refinance an existing mortgage. We also assist home buyers with available property lists that are updated daily on the MLS based on their preferences and specific buying criteria.

With over 20 years of mortgage lending and realty experience combined, I can confidently say that I am one of the most seasoned Real Estate and Finance experts in the industry and have been an integral part in helping thousands of families across the country buy, sell or finance their homes.

I am bilingual (Spanish) and focus on empowering the community to secure the ‘American Dream’ through home ownership. I sincerely believe that each transaction creates a long term relationship and have become friends with the majority of my clients.

Whether you are selling home, a first time home buyer, relocating, upgrading or looking to invest in real estate, my personal commitment is to your success and I will always put your needs at the forefront of my services.

Regardless of your situation I will do everything possible to serve you best by applying all of my years of experience to ensure you are successful with your realty and home finance needs. There is no better compliment than that of your referrals.

Please call or email my office for information or questions on how to get started and please know that I am always here to help.

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