Junior League of El Paso transforming Parking Lot into Urban Forest Garden

The Junior League of El Paso (JLEP) will be hosting their second ‘Instant Impact’ project this Saturday in Central El Paso.

JLEP will be working with the El Paso Leadership Academy to transform an old parking lot (pictured above) into an urban forest garden that will capture rainwater for irrigation and will be powered by renewable energy sources.

Travis Duckworth designs programs for students on the principles and practices of sustainability and students will gain a perspective and responsibility of real world skills of how to grow their own food and start their own businesses.

Mr. Duckworth, a scientist-turned-educator, will be coming from Santa Fe, New Mexico to work with the organizations. He is connecting curriculum to real-life projects and making learning interesting and fun.

The Instant Impact Project is set for  Saturday October 8, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, at the El Paso Leadership Academy located at 1918 Texas Avenue.

The Instant Impact project provides assistance to local non-profit agencies by offering volunteers and expertise for high-impact, short-term community-events.