2019 STEAMx Winners, Scholarship Recipients Announced

The STTE (Success Through Technology Education) Foundation, in collaboration with Workforce Solutions Borderplex, and a host of other business and community sponsors, revealed the winners of the 2019 STEAMx (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Competitions.

Earlier this month, eight student teams were recognized at an inspirational awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of the STEAMx Competitions. The STEAMx Competitions challenged the area’s high school students to take STEAM applications and apply them to innovative, real-word project-based competitions.

Hundreds of students faced off in duels of coding, math challenges, designing smart tiny houses, chess matches, and 3-D competitions. The region’s brightest students diligently worked for months on their projects where prize money and bragging rights were up for grabs in their STEM specialties, as they once again came together to share innovative ideas with their peers.

For the last 10 years, the STEAMx events have captivated and engaged more than 16,000 of the Borderplex region’s youth. The event is specially developed to increase students’ awareness of the opportunities that exist in STEAM-oriented education and careers.

Officials say the 10th anniversary theme of “Are you Creating STEAM?” commemorates 10 years of “capturing Generation Z’s zest for tech and the arts, with organizers and event supporters celebrating all the students who have benefitted from this event and have made great strides in the STEM world.”

In conjunction with the 2019 STEAMx corporate sponsors, the STTE Foundation and Workforce Solutions Borderplex are pleased to announce the following STEAMx Competition and scholarship winners:

Hunt Smart Tiny VR House – 1st place – Burges High School and El Paso High School – $4,000

  • William Pyle
  • Thaily Rodriquez
  • Monica Delgadillo
  • David Mullings
  • Erick Garcia
  • Joseph Horak


Sigma Java Coding – 1st place – Canutillo High School – $2,000

  • Christopher Lawson
  • Aya Abdelgawad


Microsoft Business App – 1st place – Burges High School – $2,000

  • Andrew Vergara
  • Nathean Flores


Western Tech Southwest 4×4 Challenge – $2,000 – 1st place – El Paso High School

  • Frida Garcia
  • Erick Garcia
  • Joseph Horak
  • Elian Huerta
  • Sebastian Moreno

FabLab El Paso Makerspace Challenge

1st place – Coronado High School T-Birds – $1,000

  • Mikayla Pitts
  • Peter Moshaver

VEX Robotics

1st place – Young Women’s Leadership Academy and Bel Air Middle School


The Prudential Foundation Math Challenge:

Prudential Math Counts – 1st place – Marfa High School Mathletes – $3,000

  • Samuel Salgado Martinez
  • Aubrie Aguilar
  • Dimetrey Stewart
  • Alexandire Luna

2nd place -Parkland High School Aces – $1,000

  • Tyrone McDuffie
  • Angelika Obonan
  • Alyssa Ortiz-Rodriguez
  • Mykel Merritt

Prudential Math Challenge  – 1st place – Riverside High School – $3,000

  • Francisco Ontiveros
  • Ashley De La Rosa
  • Edna Rodriguez
  • Karemy Cruz
  • Raul Ramos

2nd place – El Paso High – $1,000

  • Isabella Morales
  • Cassandra Wagoner
  • Francesco Sanchez
  • Santiago Costemalle

Scholarships $1,000

  • Joseph Horak, EPISD, $1,000
  • Lauren Byrd, EPISD, $1,000
  • Alexis Rodriquez, YISD, $1,000
  • Selaine Rodriguez, YISD, $1,000
  • Angel Garcia, YISD, $1,000
  • Nathaniel Irrobali, SISD, $1,000
  • Kevin Joan Moreno, HARMONY, $1,000
  • Jose Bernal, HARMONY, $1,000
  • Aya Abdelgawed, CANUTILLO, $1,000
  • Evelyn Alvarez $1,000
  • Michael O’Bannon $1,000