Construction on new West El Paso development begins

Pan y Agua Partners, the group of El Paso entrepreneurs that brought El Paso TI:ME at Montecillo, has partnered with EPT Land Communities to bring Down TI:ME, the sister of TI:ME at Montecillo, whose focus is on wellness and work.

Construction of Down TI:ME officially began this week.

Where TI:ME at Montecillo is an active place where people come to shop, eat and play, Down TI:ME will be a place where El Pasoans will be able to enjoy the more laid back aspect of life.

“Projects such as TI:ME and Down TI:ME are encouraging young entrepreneurs to take a chance on doing their own thing while contributing to the quality of life to our city,” said Octavio Gomez of Pan Y Agua Partners.

For EPT Land Communities, partnering with Pan Y Agua on the Down TI:ME project was a great fit. “When Pan y Agua approached us about partnering with them on the Down TI:ME project, we saw this as a great opportunity to continue to bring innovative projects to our Montecillo development,” said Ricky Aguilar of EPT Land Communities.

Designed by hybrid design firm, Curioso from Chicago and Root Architects of El Paso, Down TI:ME will be an 11,000sq ft. space that will consist of three levels with retail space on the first level, second floor spa, third floor office space and roof top patio that will be available for events.

Located at the main entrance of the 300-acre Montecillo smart growth development behind TI:ME at Montecillo, Down TI:ME will continue the tradition of bringing innovative, contemporary design to Montecillo.

Author: Barracuda PR