7th Annual Uniform Swap helps Scores of Families

Starting from just one person’s idea, the Horizon City Lions Club’s School Uniform Swap once again helped scores of area families who otherwise would have had a difficult time getting their kids ready for school.

This year’s event was held in one of Eastlake High’s gyms, rather than the previous year’s location of the cafeteria. Over 10,000 uniforms were donated this year, as well as supplies, backpacks and more.

The uniform swap has grown exponentially since 2009, allowing the Lion’s Club and the volunteers to help more and more families each school year.

Businesses from in and around the High Desert brought their wares for display in the waiting area, as families made their way inside the giveaway area.  Once there, volunteers helped distribute the school supplies and made sure that each child had the uniforms they needed, in the correct sizes and colors.

In addition to the uniforms, local businesses also stepped up and donated supplies – or money that in turn allowed for the purchase of supplies – for all those who showed up for the giveaway.

One of the local business owners, Arleen Beard with State Farm Insurance, shared her reasons for helping with the annual event.

“Because I have been blessed by working in this community, which has provided so much for my family, that I want to pay it forward,” Beard said,  “plus I live in this community and I believe we should help out when we can.”

Last year, over 1000 families were helped by the giveaway, and this year’s total is expected to surpass that number.