9-year-old El Paso Girl Donates Birthday Money to CASA of El Paso

CASA of El Paso is pleased to announce that it recently received a $400 donation from 9-year-old Alexandra Bowling of El Paso.

“CASA of El Paso is grateful for the donation from Alexandra Bowling and for her support of CASA and the best interests of children in the child protection system,” said Lisa Saucedo, executive director. “This generous contribution will help us make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable children in our community.”

When children are removed from their homes due to evidence of abuse or neglect and placed in the child welfare system, they are frequently placed far away from their friends and family – forcing many of them to navigate the system on their own without a reliable adult presence to look out for them.

“CASA volunteers act as a voice for these children and ensure their needs are met while they are in the system,” adds Saucedo. “Consider becoming a CASA volunteer, and give these children the chance they deserve.”

Last year, nearly 28,000 Texas children had a CASA volunteer – but that still left too many children without a dependable guide to help them through their time in the system.

According to officials, the volunteers at CASA are “everyday people doing extraordinary work by choosing to speak up for children in their communities. Their mission is to help move these children out of the overburdened system and into safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible.”

CASA of El Paso is one of the 72 local CASA programs across the state that recruits and trains volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children in the child protection system. CASA volunteers get to know these children individually and develop an understanding of their unique physical, emotional and educational needs in order to make informed recommendations to the court about placements and services.

Officials add, “Often the CASA volunteer is the one constant in a child’s life while he or she goes through the overburdened system. CASA volunteers work to move the children through foster care and into safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible.”

In El Paso last year, CASA served 607 abused or neglected children with the help of 370 volunteers. They are always looking for more dedicated members of the community to speak up for more children in the child protection system.

For more information, click HERE or call 915-225-5214. Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older and willing to commit to at least 18 months of advocacy. No special educational background or experience is required.