• January 27, 2022

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HP FlashFiction: ‘Pulse’ by Chandelier Kahlo

Editor’s Note: This is a new section on the site for our current contributors or anyone who wishes to have a work of ‘flash fiction’ published.  The stories will be placed ‘as is – as the author wrote, to preserve the ‘flashfiction’ genre.   To submit a story, email us at news@epheraldpost.com I never asked […]Read More

Op-Ed: Paychecks or Humanity?

I cross the international border between Cd. Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas about 4 times a week. I am amongst the thousands of transnational fronterizxs that live their life crossing the frontera as part of their weekly routine. I cross over there easily to enjoy what I call the homeland. My veins bleed proud […]Read More

Op-Ed: Why I Hung a “NO TRUMP” Sign on Interstate

Last Friday, a fellow activist and I hung two giant signs off of an I10 overpass in downtown El Paso. The signs read “NO TRUMP” and “NO KKK, NO FASCIST USA”. The signs hung for about two hours before they were removed and received no news coverage from any major news station in El Paso. […]Read More

Guest Column: Why PRIDE Month Matters

With the beginning of June drawing closer, we start to prepare ourselves for the Texas heat; and if you’re part of the LGBTQ community or an ally, that also means gearing up for PRIDE month! The gay rights movement has flourished and grown drastically over the span of the last twenty years. Many milestones have been reached, […]Read More

Guest Contributor: Dancing to Defy, Longing to Live Free

There’s a place in the world, just south of the United States border, that many talk about, but rarely go. A city that is a police state, plagued with what seems like a never-ending drug war, government corruption, and extreme poverty for as long as many people can remember.  This city is Ciudad Juárez. The […]Read More

Group To Stage Peaceful Protest Against President-Elect Trump on Friday

A peaceful protest against the election of President-Elect Donald Trump is scheduled for Friday evening at San Jacinto Plaza. A group of students, led by Alfonso Trevizo watched Tuesday with the rest of the country and the world, as Trump defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. On the event’s facebook page, the group states, “Come stand in […]Read More