• June 26, 2022

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EP Water – Clean-up of Rio Grande riverbed is complete

El Paso Water and its partners have completed 100% of the riverbed clean-up effort following the Frontera Wastewater Emergency. Work remains to continue the characterization and removal of soils from the banks of the river. “As agreed upon with our partners, when the water is released from Elephant Butte, the river will be ready,” said […]Read More

EP Water – Major eastside stormwater project complete

EP Water has announced the completion of the Sam Snead Recovery Project. The newly constructed underground tunnel has the capacity to send more than 350,000 gallons per minute of stormwater to the Pico Norte Pond. The stormwater project addresses a major public safety concern in an area historically prone to flash flooding. “It’s been a […]Read More

EP Water – PSB approves FY 2022-23 budget, rates and

The Public Service Board approved the EP Water Fiscal Year 2022-23 Water/Wastewater and Stormwater budgets on Wednesday morning. The combined $877M budget includes a 9% increase in water rates, a 13% increase in wastewater rates, and 9% increase in stormwater fees. Monthly water, wastewater and stormwater charges for will increase by $6.37 for a typical […]Read More

EP Water’s VP Shubert retiring; Reflects on utility, City career

Vice President Alan Shubert’s greatest contributions to El Paso Water will be appreciated long after he retires, thanks to the many talented employees he groomed for promotion. “Alan’s biggest contribution is the people – people that he brought in and people who he nurtured,” said President and CEO John Balliew. “In both Operations and Technical […]Read More

EP Water Crews tackle emergency stormwater projects

The rain events of July and August 2021 proved to be some of the most significant rain events in the history of our region. While many of El Paso’s stormwater structures held up during the heavy rainfall, the localized severity of the storms – particularly in Central El Paso – overwhelmed and damaged many parts […]Read More

EP Water: Wastewater spill contained in west El Paso, Reported

Officials with El Paso Water announced Friday that their crews continue working on repairs to a pair of damaged wastewater lines in west El Paso that were part of a pipeline replacement construction project, after two of the broke. Officials say the first main break occurred Friday at approximately 1:30 a.m. on the 3900 block […]Read More

EP Water: Lifespan of Bustamante Plant extended

Through hundreds of miles of underground pipes, the Roberto Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant takes in wastewater from parts of east El Paso and is permitted to treat up to 39 million gallons per day. As the city expands, El Paso Water  is taking on a major project that will optimize the existing plant by improving […]Read More

EP Water talks response to recent Monsoon storms, Updates on

With the Monsoon officially underway, officials with EP Water took the opportunity to review their response to the storms and provide updates to on-going projects. Beginning on June 27, a series of heavy rainstorms blanketed the borderland for several days, putting much of the city’s stormwater infrastructure to the test. “The entire region has taken […]Read More

EP Water releases Summer sandbag distribution schedule

El Paso Water officials announced that, beginning Monday, June 28th, residential customers can pick up sandbags for flood control any day of the week. “Distribution sites were consolidated to three locations based on turnout in past years,” utility officials shared. “This cost-effective measure will allow EPWater to shift resources to other flood protection initiatives. The […]Read More

EP Water invests in work crew safety via purchase of

The work of an El Paso Water field crew can take them to all parts of the city, from residential neighborhoods to traffic-filled intersections, but the busy streets are where they need the most protection. The utility recently added a Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA), a mobile crash cushion attached to the back of an EPWater […]Read More