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El Barrio Del Diablo: Fast Forward to the Music –

On Sunday August 10,1986, I experienced an incomparable performance by Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, taking it all in from the main floor’s fourth row. Bonnie Raitt opened the show with her charismatic stage presence, long red hair and a honed style of “guitar-girl slide blues”. Her set list was great […]Read More

El Barrio Del Diablo: Fast Forward to the Music –

I graduated from high school in late May of 1972, and wanted out of EP. I hated to leave the music scene at the Coliseum, cause the venue had become such a happening place. I ended up missing Creedence Clearwater as a result. I’d been in touch with my brother Vince who had settled in […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: Fast Forward to the Music –

An Irish Lad and a Brit walk into the Coliseum…One evening in 1974 the names on the cow barn marquee read: ROD STEWART & FACES. Opening the show: RORY GALLAGHER. Rory who? A big question mark came across my face and I do believe the same for the majority of the Coliseum crowd that were […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: FastForward to the Music – An

1971 It’s the first week of September and I stumbled half asleep into the Journalism classroom. As my fellow seniors made way to their desks, I mumbled ‘hellos’ to some and sat down, not looking forward to the day’s assignments. I settled in I saw Gracie Flores looking at me with a big Cheshire Cat […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: FastForward to the Music – A

All the way from Nottingham, England, Ten Years After had a date with a well-behaved EP audience that got a heavy dose of British-styled blues rock. But first, the opening band. Here was a nondescript trio that appeared like local regular guys. Sort of. The lead singer and guitarist wore a sports coat and jeans, […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: FastForward to the Music – Ol’

After the December 1969 Iron Butterfly show, the shows kept rolling into El Paso almost on a monthly basis. 1970 turned out to be a stand-out year for music and touring rock acts. The promoter no doubt had his finger on the pulse of many a traveling band and took advantage of booking every act […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: FastForward to the Music – My

December 1969: A couple months had gone by since the Steppenwolf concert and I wondered what band would be next to rock the county cow barn. As I inked my drawings one evening with the local FM rock station on in the background, I flipped in delight when a radio spot announced the Iron Butterfly […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: FastForward to the Music – El

PROLOGUE –  Just like the Seattle grunge scene in the early 90’s delivered a sizable litter of pups like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Screaming Trees, The Melvins and Coffin Break, 1969 was a very similar milestone year in rock music. New and established rock bands were either releasing […]Read More

El Barrio Del Diablo: A Look Back at Life in

From our apartment at 405 Webber Way next to Paisano Drive, my sisters, brother and I bussed it to theaters in downtown El Paso or to Juarez to the Cine Plaza and sometimes el Cine Variedades. We enjoyed movies a lot and being the youngest, I never knew what I was in for. My parents […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: A Look Back at Life in

Our very humble meager lifestyle at the projects along Paisano Drive had us situated just across the street from the Dudley Field parking lot. The El Paso Sun Kings ballpark would light up the sky above the barrio at night. Little flying beetles we called “frijolitos” would buzz around the street lights as we sat […]Read More

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