• January 28, 2022
 A look back: The Women Suffrage Timeline

A look back: The Women Suffrage Timeline

The El Paso County Historical Society is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitution that gave women in the United States the right to vote in 1920.

Live on website is the society’s second woman’s suffrage exhibit, the woman’s suffrage timeline, which explores the movement in El Paso and Texas.

The Timeline is composed of newspaper articles from the El Paso Herald, later the El Paso Herald-Post. The timeline chronicles the activities of local and state suffragists and give insight about public opinion and press coverage of women suffrage.

It also includes a local suffrage song by El Paso suffragist, Anne Girard. The information was provided by retired El Paso History Museum Curator, Barbara Angus.

According to Angus:

“This outline is the story of how women in El Paso took their rights one step further, to achieve the franchise. It is a biased report, noted down several years ago and based on computer information accessible at the time. The general overview of the subject was taken from the Texas State Library’s on-line exhibit on Votes for Women. Newspaper information was derived from the El Paso Herald-Post, as provided by the Library of Congress website. As the Herald’s Society editor, Ruth Auger, was instrumental in starting the local chapter of the Equal Franchise League, this subject received regular coverage. Missing is information from a rival newspaper, the El Paso Times. Both were English language publications, which were more likely to cover African-American stories than those where the participants did not speak English. A wealth of information on the subject may still wait in Spanish language and Labor oriented newspapers, and in the oral histories of cultural groups without immediate access to a printing press.”

The Society has also been posting other suffrage content – written by Janine Young, Joseph Longo, and Abbie Weiser – including articles on El Paso suffragists and organizations on their website.

There will also be a ‘Password’ issue devoted to El Paso suffrage, spearheaded by Dr. Sue Stansfield. Earlier in March, the society put on another suffrage exhibit in a march led by Joseph Longo which is also online.

The Society is also putting together an educational collection related to the El Paso Women movement for our archive.

Our timeline team was composed of EPCHS Curator, Joseph Longo, EPCHS Board Secretary, Sarah Duenas, and Angus. We were assisted by El Paso Times Librarian and Past EPCHS President, Tish Longo and UTEP History Professor, Dr. Sue Stansfield.

For more information and to view all the special coverage, click here.

Joseph Longo

Born and raised in El Paso. Jose is a Curator and Archive Committee Chair for the El Paso County Historical Society. He does research and lectures about local history; and wrote several articles for the Password. Also, a former member of the El Paso City Historical Landmark Commission.

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