Aaron and Alvin Jones to be Grand Marshals for Virtual Sun Bowl Parade

Officials with the Sun Bowl Association (SBA) and KTSM announced Thursday morning that Alvin and Aaron Jones will be the Grand Marshals for the Oscar Leeser’s Hyundai of El Paso Sun Bowl Virtual Parade. 

The virtual parade is set to air on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, Nov. 26 at 10 a.m. (MT) on KTSM TV as well as streaming via the KTSM website.

“This is a great honor and I feel like we embody El Paso. We are continuing to grow and continuing to expand, just like El Paso and the hardworking people in El Paso are. I wish we could be there in person, on a float, but this is an honor and a blessing,” Alvin shared.

“I grew up going to a couple of Sun Bowl games and there are so many other things going on that the Sun Bowl does in the community and that’s what we look to do, to give back to the community. We want to give back with our foundation into this as well and our foundation is A & A All the Way!  Thank you and we miss you El Paso!” Aaron added.

Alvin and Aaron are children of two U.S. Army Sergeants Majors and have a knack for giving back to the community they grew up in and love so dearly.

The Jones brothers started the A& A All the Way Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making an impact in the lives of the nation’s youth through charitable giving and action. The foundation actively executes events that inspire, educate, and promote unity and diversity across multiple communities.

“In a very incredible year that we are living through, we have two incredible El Pasoans serving as the Grand Marshals of the Oscar Leeser’s Hyundai of El Paso Virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade. Twin brothers Aaron and Alvin Jones are not only accomplishing great things as professional football players, but they are also doing great things off the field by giving back through the A & A  All the Way Foundation that they established, aiming to make an impact in the lives of our nation’s youth through charitable giving and action,” Sun Bowl Association Bernie Olivas said. “It is a great honor to have two prominent members of our community lead our parade in the first ever virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

Aaron and Alvin always joined their parents during volunteer opportunities and learned from a young age the importance of their contributions.  Even at a young again, the two have shown support for the El Paso community by serving in soup kitchens on Thanksgiving Day, participating in community service throughout high school, assisting with fundraisers, and more.

Aaron and Alvin are currently the larger platform they now have to support children and families “All the Way.”

Aaron currently plays for the Green Bay Packers and Alvin previously played for the Baltimore Ravens and is a free agent.

Click here for more information about the A & A All the Way Foundation.