• December 4, 2021
 Ahead of Busy Weekend, 4th of July, Red Sands Caretakers Remind Residents of Rules

Ahead of Busy Weekend, 4th of July, Red Sands Caretakers Remind Residents of Rules

As the Independence Day holiday approaches, the unofficial caretakers of the region’s largest dunes used for off-road riding want to remind the scores of residents who will descend on Red Sands the rules and regulations of the area.

Via a Facebook post, officials with Rent an ATV Off-Road Adventures reached out to the public ahead of the holiday to avoid some of the actions and events that cause so much trouble this time of year.

In the past, workers have had to spend countless hours cleaning up the trash and debris left behind, as well as contending with their duties of helping ATV riders and dune users who may get lost or stuck.

Below are the guidelines officials would like dune-goers to adhere to both this weekend and the 4th of July holiday – July 2nd & July 4th at Red Sands.

Hello folks, I just want to update those of you who are intending to come to Red Sands this Holiday weekend:

(1) The Sheriffs Office, along with multiple other agencies, will be working jointly to make sure everyone is safe. They will not shut down Red Sands unless there is a major incident. One bad apple can ruin it for everyone, so control the people in your group. If you have unruly friends, don’t invite them to go with you.

(2) The Fire Ban is in effect and you can bet the local law enforcement agencies will be enforcing it at Red Sands. Fires must be kept in an enclosed device, like a portable Bar-B-Que. Open Bon Fires are not allowed. With the heavy Law Enforcement presence (they will be using off-road vehicles), there’s a good chance you will be cited. So come prepared with a portable device.

(3) DO NOT BURN TIRES. Burning tires is against the law in pretty much every state. Don’t get caught burning tires at Red Sands. The metal wire left behind is dangerous for riders and the fumes are toxic (and can be deadly).

(4) DO NOT DISCHARGE FIREARMS. Red Sands and the adjacent outlining areas are privately owned. They are highly populated off-road riding areas and none of the property owners want you discharging firearms on their property. This is not Public Texas land. It’s against the law to shoot here.

(5) DO NOT LITTER OR DUMP TRASH. We spend $2300 a year on that dumpster at the main entrance for you to throw your trash away. Please use it. If you forgot to bring a trash bag, we will give you a trash bag for free. Just come into the Rider Safety Office for a bag. Do not leave your fireworks out at red sands. Please throw them away. Let’s not further Destroy Red Sands. The county is not going to clean it up. It’s up to us as a community to police ourselves and clean up after ourselves. Fireworks will be allowed, but you cannot shoot them in the direction of people or structures.

(6) Do not Drink and Drive or Drink and Ride. Law enforcement will be at Red Sands enforcing all DWI Laws related to the operation of motor vehicles while intoxicated. You can be arrested for driving an ATV while intoxicated.

(7) Parking will be enforced. All the property owners will be charging $10 to park on their land. We will have barricades set up along Montana Ave to control entry into lands we own or manage. You will need to pay $10 to park anywhere near the main entrance. WE WILL TOW ALL CARS/TRUCKS WITHOUT A PARKING PERMIT. We will have lots of Staff members working at the main entrance to prevent unauthorized entry. You will not be allowed to leave and come back in for Free.

(8) We ordered extra portable restrooms to handle the extra people. We charge $1 for the restroom or you can purchase a $5 all day pass. Each restroom costs us $85 per month ($85 x 5 restrooms), plus the cost of an employee to watch it and toiletry supplies. That’s why we charge a $1 fee. We need your support to keep the restrooms there. We don’t have running water at our facility and that’s the only way we can have a restroom for Red Sands. If I had running water and a regular bathroom, I would not charge anyone to use our restroom. We don’t make a profit on the restroom, we just try to make back the money that we have to spend to have a restroom there for you.

(9) Thru traffic into our parking lot will not be allowed. If you need to use the restroom or purchase ice, chips, tow rope, etc.. you’ll have to park outside our lot and walk in. We are doing that to control our paid parking situation.

(10) We will only offer our $38 tours at night (the longer & more expensive tours will not be offered at night).

(11) Please be responsible, don’t let children ride on ATVs that are too big for them. Make sure you are always wearing appropriate safety gear. Do not ride doubles on a single seat ATV. It’s going to be really crowded at Red Sands. For your safety, I highly recommend purchasing a flag for your ATV, so that other people can see you. We sell them for $16. Make sure you take plenty of lanterns and flashlights to light up your campground. As you recall, we had someone run over by a truck last year. Don’t walk around without a flashlight and make sure your vehicles all have working lights. Treat others with respect and be responsible. Let’s make this 4th of July safe and fun for everyone.

If you need to contact our Rider Safety Office / Rescue Patrol please call (915) 855-4288

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