Airline International keeps flying during challenging times

Businesses have been impacted tremendously due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From reducing hours,  to taking extraordinary protection measures for clients and employees alike, this pandemic has challenged local owned businesses like nothing previously experienced. 

However there is one, family-owned travel store in the Borderlands that is staying strong in spite of the circumstances, and decided to adapt to the unique business environment.

Jerry Kallman, President of Airline International, recognized his priority is keeping everyone safe, as someone who has family working in the frontlines during this health crisis. Kallman said they have complied with every possible measure to keep their customers safe.

Kallman believed the fidelity with his long time customers had helped them throughout this pandemic. Under the new rules and new “normality,” businesses have to operate under limited capacity. 

As a business that has offered for years personalized customer service, and personally know most of their clientele it has made the transition easier for them. 

“Some of our customers wait in the car, and we call them when is safe to come in,” Kallman said.

Kallman acknowledged they were fortunate enough and took advantage of the economic disaster loan, so their team could “keep up with this time…and go back in employment.”

Within a month, Airline International brought back their employees, so they could have a source of income.

They have also invested in a new website design and connected in new ways with their customers through social media.

For new launches, the Airline International team creates a conversation with their clientele teasing what the new lines of pens or products will be about. 

According to Kallman, this social media strategy has been quite successful, since it not only maintains their customers, but engages them with store’s social content.

“What time EST so I can set my alarm?!?!,” said one of their customers on a Facebook post. 

Kallman also pointed out International Airline’s success resides on the unity of the community they have built locally, nationally and even internationally. Thanks to the success of International Airline’s pen collections this family owned business has been able to expand to a larger market.

Currently, the Kallman’s business caters products for every budget for those commuting, running errands, traveling or want to start collecting their collectible pens. 

Airline International offers a wide variety of products from high-end luggage, to gadgets for the go like keychain phone chargers. 

“We want to hit every price point that fits every traveler’s budget”

They even created a line of face mask lanyards, a clever product to attach a face mask while you are not wearing it.

With over 40 years of experience, according to Kallman, this is not the first time Airline International faces a crisis that risked the economic stability of the business.

While Airline International has had tough times in the past, the way they keep operating and innovating has shown that this locally-owned business has nowhere to go but up. 

As Kallman mentioned, they will continue to grow and to innovate so they can keep their customers satisfied. For more information about Airline International, visit their website.