• December 8, 2021
 Alamo Drafthouse celebrates July with aliens, Beatles, Piranhas and more

Alamo Drafthouse celebrates July with aliens, Beatles, Piranhas and more

With Summer in full swing, Alamo Drafthouse at Montecillo hits the sweet spot with movies for the month of July.  From their annual Kids Camp, to new releases and some all-time favorites, Alamo officials have made their theater the headquarters for summer movie fun

Leading the way this summer is the science fiction classic INDEPENDENCE DAY.  Alamo Drafthouse will host a special screening of INDEPENDENCE DAY, with Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid, Vivica A. Fox and one of cinema’s favorites, Will Smith.

Alamo officials share, “Movie goers will definitely see bursts of fire igniting the sky but they won’t be fireworks, it’s aliens taking over and destroying all of humanity! So sit tight, and watch as these characters band together to stop the end of the world in INDEPENDENCE DAY!”


With each Kids Camp ticket purchase you can also donate $1, $3, or $5 to St. Jude’s Children Hospital. There’s even more kid-friendly fun from your friendly neighborhood super hero, with the SPIDER MAN FAR FROM HOME Cereal Party.

All the month’s events are listed below; To purchase tickets for any of the upcoming movies, click here.

YESTERDAY – Premieres Thursday, June 27

Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter fed up with his lack of success. Then one night, he gets the biggest break of his life – he gets hit by a bus. Simultaneously, power goes out all over the world, and a couple of Ob-La-Di’s later, The Beatles never existed. Just never happened at all. But since Jack remembers the songs, he realizes he’s got his ticket to ride to overnight superstardom. What could go wrong?


YESTERDAY Painting Party

Premieres Thursday, June 27

Join B.E. Art at Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo in the Glass Half Full Taproom for this fun Beatles-inspired painting event. Paint along with step-by-step instructions. All materials are included. Seating is limited. To reserve your spot, please click the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/yesterday-painting-party-with-be-art-tickets-62556711809. $30 per person



Monday, July 1 through Thursday, July 4


As the annual Giant Vegetable Competition approaches, it’s “veggie-mania” in Wallace and Gromit’s neighborhood. The two enterprising chums have been cashing in with their pest-control outfit, “Anti-Pesto,” which humanely dispatches pesky, garden-invading rabbits. Suddenly, a huge, mysterious, veggie-ravaging beast begins terrorizing the neighborhood, attacking the town’s prized plots at night, and destroying everything in its path. Desperate to protect the competition, its hostess, Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter), commissions Anti-Pesto to catch the creature and save the day.


SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOMEP – Premieres Monday, July 1

Peter and some of his classmates embark on a school trip to Europe, a getaway that’s supposed to be all about sightseeing, goofing off with his friend Ned (Jacob Batalon, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING), and perhaps a bit of innocent flirting with MJ (Zendaya, SMALLFOOT). But when mysterious elemental creatures begin to wreak havoc across the continent, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, CAPTAIN MARVEL) calls on Peter to suit up.

The team that brought you HOMECOMING reunites for SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, infusing it with the same sense of adventure, humor, and heart as that film, while also introducing an air of intrigue with Spider-Man’s enigmatic new ally, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal, VELVET BUZZSAW). It’s a bad trip for Peter that promises to be a fun ride for all of us.

MIDSOMMARP – Premieres Tuesday, July 2

Young couple Dani and Christian have been going through a rough patch, so a vacation to a tiny sun-dappled Swedish village seems like just what they need to heal. They arrive during a nine-day pagan festival filled with flower garlands, kinship, and twirling ’round the maypole. But on closer look (and under the influence of mysterious powders) they find a bizarre undercurrent of cultish violence beneath the smiling facade. Director Ari Aster’s follow-up to last year’s nightmarish HEREDITARY brightens the exteriors but retains an uneasy menace in what he calls a “Scandinavian folk horror.” With all manner of grief, confusion, and ritualistic sadism unfolding in the radiant light of day, MIDSOMMAR will forever change the way you look at the idyllic countryside. Remember to breathe.


The Beatles United Tribute Band Live

Wednesday, July 3


Come Together on Wednesday, July 3rd in the Glass Half Full Taproom at Alamo Drafthouse for a great live performance by The Beatles United Tribute Band. It’s a free event and you won’t want to miss our awesome Beatles-inspired food and drink specials sure to make you Twist and Shout. While you’re here, be sure to catch a screening of YESTERDAY. Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter fed up with his lack of success. Then one night, he gets the biggest break of his life – he gets hit by a bus. Simultaneously, power goes out all over the world, and a couple of Ob-La-Di’s later, The Beatles never existed. Just never happened at all. But since Jack remembers the songs, he realizes he’s got his ticket to ride to overnight superstardom. What could go wrong?



Wednesday, July 3


She saw the future through the first camera lens. Alice Guy-Blaché was a true pioneer who got into the movie business at the very beginning – in 1894, at the age of 21. Two years later, she was made head of production at Gaumont and started directing films. She and her husband moved to the United States, and she founded her own company, Solax, in 1910 -they started in Flushing and moved to a bigger facility in Fort Lee, New Jersey. But by 1919, Guy-Blaché’s career came to an abrupt end, and she and the 1000 films that bore her name were largely forgotten. Pamela B. Green’s energetic film is both a tribute and a detective story, tracing the circumstances by which this extraordinary artist faded from memory and the path toward her reclamation.



Thursday, July 4


July 2nd. Atmospheric phenomena begin to appear all around the world. The skies are ablaze. Satellite communications are interrupted without explanation. Fear grips the cities of the world. As the phenomena subside, it is clear that an invasion force of unprecedented power has arrived. Its mission – to eliminate all human life. Over the course of the next three days, the world will be changed forever. Independence Day, once a joyous day of freedom and celebration, now takes on an entirely new and absolutely unpredictable meaning. The countdown to the end of the world has begun… unless we can stop it.


Film Salon: Swing Time

Saturday, July 6


Lucky is tricked into missing his wedding to Margaret by the other members of Pop’s magic and dance act, and has to make $25000 to be allowed to marry her. He and Pop go to New York where they run into Penny, a dancing instructor. She and Lucky form a successful dance partnership, but romance is blighted (till the end of the film at least!) by his old attachment to Margaret and hers for Ricardo, the band leader who won’t play for them to dance together



Saturday, July 6  


Your ticket includes the cereal buffet, which is available throughout the entire film. Pajamas are encouraged! Peter and some of his classmates embark on a school trip to Europe, a getaway that’s supposed to be all about sightseeing, goofing off with his friend Ned (Jacob Batalon, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING), and perhaps a bit of innocent flirting with MJ (Zendaya, SMALLFOOT). But when mysterious elemental creatures begin to wreak havoc across the continent, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, CAPTAIN MARVEL) calls on Peter to suit up.


Champagne Cinema: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY

Sunday, July 7


We all know those couples. They see each other from across the room, they meet, and wham! They’re desperately in love. That’s not the case for Harry and Sally. In fact, when they meet, they don’t particularly like each other. Sally is earnest and good. Harry is cynical and depressive. It’s not a match made in heaven. But lovers of rom-coms know that opposites have a way of attracting. With some of the most palpable on-screen chemistry in movie history, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan take viewers on a journey through friendship, heartbreak, and the pitfalls of relationships with the help of expert direction from Rob Reiner, a pitch-perfect supporting cast (including Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby), and one of the best romantic comedy screenplays of all time from the brilliant Nora Ephron. So grab a glass of champagne, sit back, and enjoy the fake orgasms, the overly-peppered paprikash, and the hilarious, heartfelt conversations between two very different people who may just be perfect for one another.



Monday, July 8 through Thursday, July 11


“We are noodle folk,” Po’s father tells him. “Broth runs through our veins.” But Po, the paunchy hero of KUNG FU PANDA, believes he comes from different stock: He entertains fantasies of being the Dragon Warrior, the ultimate fighting machine. A lively, gorgeously animated and consistently funny fable about fulfilling your potential and exceeding even your own expectations, KUNG FU PANDA scores as both a delightful spoof of martial arts movies and as a showcase for Jack Black, who provides the voice for Po.



Tuesday, July 9


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here 2day 2 get through this thing called life — and to celebrate the legacy of the visionary and singular musical force that was Prince. PURPLE RAIN is the semi-autobiographical tale of The Kid, a Minneapolis musician navigating the club scene while dealing with a romantic rival and a difficult family life. A massive hit upon release, it’s a showcase for the Purple One’s otherworldly musical, visual and sartorial stylings, and introduced the world to the glory of “When Doves Cry,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” and of course, “Purple Rain.” We’ll be enjoying these songs with glowsticks, streamers and tambourines that are included with your ticket! As the man himself once sang, “U better live now.” Words 2 live by.



Thursday, July 11


“Boys Don’t Cry.” “Lovesong.” “Just Like Heaven.” “Why Can’t I Be You.” “Friday I’m in Love.” “Fascination Street.” “Close to Me.” “The Love Cats.” “Let’s Go to Bed.” While other bands of the New Wave era burned out or faded away long before the ’80s came to an end, The Cure has endured, selling more than 27 million records worldwide, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and helping to establish the genre of Goth Rock (even though lead singer Robert Smith has often dismissed that term). In 2018, the band performed a concert in London’s Hyde Park to mark 40 years in the business, and their longtime video director Tim Pope captured it. The set mixes the band’s biggest successes with fan favorites, making this an ANNIVERSARY worth celebrating.



Friday, July 12


“All primitive screwheads, listen up!” Cult superstar Bruce Campbell reunites with director Sam Raimi to battle the deadly forces of evil in ARMY OF DARKNESS – the outrageous, effects-fueled action epic that will make you scream with fear and laughter. Forced to lead a makeshift Dark Ages army against the demonic Deadites, who possess all the deadly magic of hell, the shotgun-toting, chainsaw-armed, reluctant 20th century time traveler Ash must save the living from the dead, rescue his medieval girlfriend and get back to his own time. Come experience this great film as a we give it the Drafthouse Movie Party treatment. We’ll be giving away foam chainsaw mitts and cap guns! “You see this?  This…is my boomstick!!”


JAWS Movie Party

Sunday, July 14


“This shark, swallow you whole.” Duh, nuh…. duh, nuh… nothing quite says “ah, summer’ like watching an elusive giant shark terrorize Amity Island on the big screen. It’s the movie that perfected the summer blockbuster and launched a million toothy (and goofy) knock-offs, but none of them can compete with the bite of Spielberg’s 1975 original. This bona fide American classic has everything you could want from a movie: kids in peril, drunken sea shanties, and Richard Dreyfuss in a cage. As if that wasn’t enough, this is a Movie Party, so you can live the shark-hunting adventure along with your pals Brody, Hooper, and Quint — minus the salty sea air and actual mortal peril. Featuring interactive props and surprises, it’s the most fourth-wall-busting-fun you can have on dry land, and certainly the most this side of JAWS 3-D.



Monday, July 15 through Thursday, July 18

12:00 pm

How’s this for a threat? The kingdom of Fantasia is about to be wiped out, and the enemy isn’t an evil wizard or a thermonuclear device, it’s Nothingness. That’s right, an inexorable wave of Nothingness is sweeping over the kingdom, destroying everything in its path. The only thing standing between Fantasia and Nothingness is the faith of a small boy named Bastian (Barret Oliver). He discovers the kingdom in a magical bookstore, and as he begins to read the adventure between the covers, it becomes so real that the people in the story know about Bastian. Meanwhile, within the world of Fantasia, a young hero (Noah Hathaway) is assigned to complete a hazardous quest, sneak past the dreaded portals of some stone amazons, and reach the Ivory Tower, where he will receive further instructions from the empress. In most movies, this quest would be told in a straightforward way, without the surrounding story about the other little boy who is reading the book.


CLUE Movie Party

Tuesday, July 16


You’ve done it in the library. You’ve done it in the dining room. You’ve even done it with a candlestick in the kitchen. That’s right, at one time or another, we’ve all killed Mr. Body. And this month we’re celebrating the hilarious film adaptation of the board game CLUE. Quip along with Wadsworth (Tim Curry), scream along with Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), and feel the flames on the side of your face with Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn). We won’t be handing out ropes or lead pipes, but we will be giving you props to intensify your evening at Mr. Boddy’s manor. And remember, Communism was just a red herring.



Premieres Thursday, July 18

Dark, disturbing, and laugh-out-loud funny, director Riley Stern’s SXSW breakout has all the makings of an instant cult classic. With a perfect balance of off-kilter comedy and twisty thriller, THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE is what would happen if Charlie Kaufman wrote FIGHT CLUB. Or if Yorgos Lanthimos directed KARATE KID. Plus, dachshunds. Jesse Eisenberg (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) is perfectly cast as Casey Evans, a timid bookkeeper who joins a strip mall dojo after getting attacked on the street by a roving motorcycle gang. With guidance from his alpha-sensei (Alessandro Nivola, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE) and hardcore brown belt Anna (Imogen Poots, GREEN ROOM), Casey enters an absurdly hyper-masculine world full of mind games, dark secrets, and heavy metal.




Monday, July 22 through Thursday, July 25


The next time your heart gets broken, or your goldfish goes belly up, or a meteor destroys your house…remember that we’ll always have The Muppets. No other conglomeration of talking animals has ever provided the universe with as much joy, laughter and unbridled entertainment. Here, in their second classic big screen adventure, Kermit, Fozzie and the gang jet off to the UK, where they’ll meet lots of stuffy old British guys and get wrapped up in the wildest crime caper in frog and/or bear history. In the midst of all this pulse-pounding daredevilry, our green hero’s heart gets entangled in the web of a certain glamorous she-swine.



Tuesday, July 23


There’s no one quite like him, and we’re giving you the chance to abide with The Dude (Jeff Bridges) at THE BIG LEBOWSKI Movie Party.* We’ll be handing out inflatable crowbars so you can show Larry what happens when you f*ck a stranger in the ass. Stand against aggression with The Dude, yell, “Over the line!” with Walter (John Goodman), and definitely do not f*ck with the Jesus (John Turturro). You can even enjoy The Dude’s favorite recreation (no, not weed) with a giant-sized bowling game on stage before the show. But don’t worry, you won’t be required to roll on Shabbos. We hope all of you Little Lebowski Urban Achievers will come out and enjoy yourselves, so you can die with a smile on your face, without feelin’ like the good Lord gypped you. * He won’t, like, actually be in attendance, man.



Sunday, July 28


Saoirse Ronan (LADYBIRD, BROOKLYN) and Margot Robbie (I, TONYA; THE WOLF OF WALL STREET) go head-to-head in lavish, ultra-stylized historical drama MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. Set in the sumptuous 1500s, MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS is a royal period drama inspired by the true story of two ruling monarchs – and cousins – who both believe they are the rightful heirs to the English crown. Ronan is Mary, the Scottish queen on a mission to take the crown. Robbie is Elizabeth I, the presiding queen fighting to keep it.

Your ticket purchase includes three servings of tea and the following treats, Smoked salmon toast with prosciutto, Pimento cheese on English cucumber and Chocolate filled pâte à choux pastry.


Kids Camp: CASPER

Monday, July 29 through Thursday, August 1


An eerie old mansion may not seem like a fun place to play, but when you have Casper the Friendly Ghost around, you’ll only be screaming with laughter! In this 1995 comedy, paranormal expert Dr. James Harvey (Bill Pullman) and his teenage daughter Kat (Christina Ricci) move into Whipstaff Manor where they soon encounter Casper, who is eager to welcome them. His uncles, however, are not so thrilled with sharing the house with human tenants.


PIRANHA (1978)

Wednesday, July 31


Half JAWS spoof and half trash-gore powerhouse, PIRANHA holds the key to the most bitchin’ summer of your life. When some jerkfaces skinny-dip in a pool on the grounds of a government testing facility, they accidentally unleash . . . PIRANHA!! The blood-thirsty mutoids rend flesh in the lake of a small town while a drunk-ass scientist, a go-getting detective, and exploitation superstars Dick Miller, Paul Bartel, and Barbara Steele hang out and take care of business. From THE MOVIE ORGY to GREMLINS, director Joe Dante has proven himself to be a master of transforming genre pastiche into peerless entertainment. PIRANHA is where it all started. And if you’ve ever daydreamed about the creators of MAD Magazine making an “adults only” JAWS parody in collaboration with Herschell Gordon Lewis, PIRANHA is where it all ends.

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