Amistad for Veterans Program Awarded General Assistance Grant

El Paso-based Project Amistad has been awarded a general assistance grant funded by the Texas Lottery Commission and administered by the Texas Veterans Commission.

“Amistad for Veterans was created in 2013 to provide veterans services and support so that the transition into civilian life is smooth for them and their families,” says Scott Whittle, peer-to-peer counselor and navigator at Amistad. “This program is aimed at helping them in every way possible so that they thrive and lead productive lives outside of the military.”

According to officials with Project Amistad, many former soldiers encounter significant difficulty in adjusting to a post-military life due to extraordinary experiences linked their time in the service.

“The purpose of the Amistad for Veterans Project is to address the issues faced by veterans and their families in El Paso…the program aims to help them regain control of their own lives by filling the gaps in services that many veterans face when they transition out of a military career and back into civilian life.”

The grant is intended to provide key services for El Paso veterans and their families as they transition from a military career into civilian life in the area.

These needs include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Emergency assistance for veterans and their families
  • Housing
  • Transportation services
  • Acquisition of documentation to re-establish their identity
  • Development of professional services networks
  • Employment
  • Training and education
  • Job placement assistance

Just last week, Amistad was awarded a veterans’ mental health grant from the Texas Veterans Commission to support programs that address the mental health needs of the area’s former soldiers and their families

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