Amy’s Everyday Astronomy: Area 51 Will Be Expecting You

I know you’ve all seen it. An event created on Facebook where 539,000 people have showed their intent to storm the “secret” government facility known as Area 51 on September 20th of this year.

The hosts of this large scale infiltration claim “They can’t stop us all,” stating, “We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens.”

If you’ve ever seen the movie Independence Day, you know that one of the most popular conspiracy theories about this place is that it is a research center where alien technology is reverse engineered since perhaps as early as the supposed Roswell crash in 1947.

Many movies, television shows, and articles have been made about this mysterious place.

Over the years, many have attempted to venture out there to find the truth. But none have been successful. Multiple signs with warnings for trespassers can be found in the seeming middle of nowhere. SUVs are always spotted watching those that dare venture too close.

In fact, with an easy Google search, there can be found accounts of confrontations with these supposed security guards that some have dubbed “camo dudes.”

Wild theories aside, the government spent years denying the existence of Area 51. That is, until 2013. That was the year that the National Security Archive was able to obtain a classified CIA document that chronicled the history of the U-2 spy plane. In 1998, a heavily redacted version of this same document had been released, but not much could be gained from reading it.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, this newly released document told of an airfield, not used by the military since WWII, that was selected in 1955 in order to test the U-2. Undoubtedly, these test flights accounted for many of the UFO sightings reported in the area.

Following the U-2’s entry into service, Area 51 was used to develop and test many other aircraft including the A-12 (OXCART) reconnaissance plane, and the Nighthawk F-117 Stealth fighter.

This not-so-secret Air Force military installation is located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada and is likely still under heavy security. But since the creation of the Facebook event, many have shown their true humor at this crazy idea. The memes are everywhere.

Whether you believe that aliens have been housed there, or that flying saucers or other alien craft are being studied in dimly lit hangars, it’s probably not the safest bet to join the masses.

Given the publicity this stunt has garnered, several things can be deduced: either the government will move all interesting craft (and extraterrestrial bodies) out of the facility, or many arrests will occur due to trespassing on government property, or worse. Because, let’s face it, they know you’re coming.

And you can bet they’ll be waiting…


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