Open Letter to El Paso: A Plea for Unity

My Fellow El Pasoans:

As the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus soar, hospitals face crisis with over-capacity of critical patients, business owners agonize with difficult business decisions, and as unemployment numbers further rise, we as a community are becoming increasingly divided, if not outright hostile with each other.

More and more people have become comfortable with the risks and are determined to go back to “normal”. Sacrifices we made since March of this year have been squandered and we are back to square one. These acts of pure self-interest have caused us to regress and have again put medical professionals, first responders, and vulnerable El Pasoans in actual life-threatening danger. These facts are not in dispute.

How we behave should not be driven by selfishness or by political rhetoric.  This is not a time for our citizens to debate each other. Supporting one elected official over another is not helpful as it lacks consideration that these decisions are difficult. There is no easy answer, whether in principle or in law.

I ask our community to look beyond the politics, do the right thing, and let’s take care of ourselves. This is a time to reach out to show compassion for those facing illness or loss of life, to offer a helping hand for those frustrated and desperate, and to support struggling businesses and employers. Wear your masks, self-enforce decisions to stay home, and patronize businesses that are making their own sacrifices and adjustments to save lives.

I write these words as an El Pasoan who loves our city and who wants an economically vibrant and healthy community. On August 3 of last year, El Paso faced the most horrific tragedy it had ever seen. We demonstrated compassion, resilience and unity. Despite the confusion now, there is only one right path. Let us reclaim the spirit of unity and make El Paso Strong!


Representative Art Fierro  | Texas House District 79

Fierro was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in February 2019. During the 86th Legislative Session, he served on the House Committees on Agriculture and Livestock; and Elections. As a freshman legislator, he passed two bills and sponsored an additional Senate measure into law.

Before his election to the Texas House, he served on the El Paso Community College Board of Regents for more than a decade. Art served as Secretary from 2006-2008 and Chair of the Board from 2008 until his election to the Texas House.


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