Andress High set to use Specialized Football Helmets, Pads for Practices

The Andress Eagles football program on Monday will announce that they will be the first high-school program to use specialized helmets and pads that will help reduce the possibility of concussions and other injuries during practice.

The school will purchase the state-of-the-art, impact-reducing helmets and pads that better protect student athletes against the severe injuries that sometimes happen during full-contact training.

Rocksolid designed the specialized equipment, which creates a better safeguard for brow line, jaw line, orbital bone, temple and back of head injuries. The pads give better protection to the AC joint, front shoulder, collarbone, sternum and chest.

Head Coach Jeff Woodruff said the new pads will allow his players to practice in better and safer circumstances “I have seen many injuries happen in football players and many of them happen when they’re training … not when they’re playing in a game,” he said.

Woodruff added, “These pads will allow us to go full-force in our practices and to worry a little bit less about potential injuries and concussions.”