Animal Services Pets of the Week: Meet Lucy and Xena!

It’s a two-‘fur’-one in this week’s Pet of the Week and both are very fortunate to have been found; now all they need is a loving home!

First we have Lucy, a cute little Calico with a sad past but a bright future! Lucy was brought into us after an El Pasoan saw a cat carrier abandoned on the side of I-10. They pulled over and realized that there was a cat inside, that cat being Lucy, and brought the poor girl to Animal Services.

Who knows how long Lucy was out there because when she was brought in, she was terrified. After about four days, she finally began to relax and now is just as sweet and loving as can be.

Next, we have Xena, a sweet Australian Cattle Dog-mix with a history, also. Xena came in about 2 weeks ago after someone saw her get hit by a car. After further examination, it turns out whoever had her before tried to do an at-home tail-docking job with a rubber band, which ultimately put this poor pup in pain and danger.

Our vets had to do an emergency surgery to remove her tail, and after a week and a half, she’s now healing and thriving! We named this girl Xena because she truly is a warrior princess after going through what she did, and she’s just as sweet as ever. She’s playful and cuddly and would make a perfect family dog.

Lucy and Xena have both been abandoned by the ones that were supposed to love them, and are in need of forever homes with the loving families they deserve. You can adopt both Xena and Lucy for only $15.

POW-LucyNAME: Lucy

SEX: Female

AGE: 4 years old

BREED: Calico

ID: A33690014



POW-XenaNAME:  Xena

SEX:  Female

AGE: 1 year old

BREED: Australian Cattle Dog-Mix

ID: A33713269