• May 16, 2022
 Animal Services rolls out new “Home To Home” Program to help families who can’t keep pets

Animal Services rolls out new “Home To Home” Program to help families who can’t keep pets

Officials with El Paso Animal Services announced Tuesday that they have added a new interactive re-homing tool to help families with pets in our region called “Home To Home.”

“The pets and families in our community continue to have needs, so Animal Services has been looking for ways to assist the community while also being mindful of the needs of the hundreds of pets already in our shelter,” said Ramon Herrera, Animal Services Interim Director.

“As much as we like to think our shelter is a happy place, it isn’t a home, and it can be stressful for the animals. The number one reason for surrendering pets is an unavoidable change in living situations. A perfect opportunity to use the Home To Home tool would be within the time frame of finding out relocation is necessary and the actual moving date. If the pet isn’t re-homed before the moving deadline, then the shelter is the next option for this family and pet in need.”

The new tool will give pet owners who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to surrender the pets to the shelter.

Pets can go from one home right into another, which means less stress for animals and humans alike. In addition, this offers potential new owners the opportunity to communicate directly with the current owners, providing first-hand information about the pets.

Home To Home is an online tool that will be hosted on the El Paso Animal Services website for owners who need to surrender their pets.

Those needing to re-home pets fill out a brief form, upload a picture, and hit submit. Animal Services receives this information, which then is posted on the department’s website. For those looking to adopt a pet, there is also a search feature. Home To Home is free to use; however, there are some requirements. No money is allowed to exchange hands.

Officials add that, not only will this tool make transitions into new homes easier, but it will also leave more shelter resources available to animals with no other options, such as strays and those suffering from neglect or abuse.

While re-homing pets through the program will alleviate the need for some pets to be surrendered to the shelter, it won’t be suitable for all re-homing needs. As always, animals can be surrendered directly to the shelter.

“Our participation in Home To Home is due to a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund, and we definitely want to say thanks to Maddie for helping fund innovative and life-saving options,” added Herrera.

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