Animal Services Reminds Community: “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

Every week, more than 400 homeless animals enter the Animal Services Shelter. Many of these shelter pets are adopted or transferred to rescue partners, but there are many others who are left without forever homes.

With hundreds of shelter pets still needing homes, Animal Services would like to remind the community why it is important to “Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

  • Save a life, adopting from a shelter or rescue group helps save the life of an animal.
  • Purchasing pets from an online seller or flea market can promote the practice of puppy mills that breed animals for the purpose of profit, often times disregarding the animal’s overall health.
  • It will cost you less. When you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue, the adoption price often includes the animals spay/neuter, initial vaccinations, microchip, and license. If a family were to get these services individually, it can run the family several hundred dollars, or about four times a typical adoption fee.

Animal Services is currently making it more affordable for you to adopt a lovable shelter pet by reducing adoption fees to just $30 as part of its “Adopt, Don’t Shop” adoption event.

This reduced fee will be available starting today through October 31.

WHO:      El Paso Department of Animal Services

WHAT:    Animal Services to host “Adopt, Don’t Shop” adoption event, $30 adoption fees (flyer attached)

WHEN:    October 24 through October 31

WHERE:  El Paso Animal Services Shelter, 5001 Fred Wilson Ave.

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