• December 1, 2021
 Annie’s Adventures: What Have You Done Lately?

Annie’s Adventures: What Have You Done Lately?

Hi y’all! It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve been right in the middle of it all. So much to do and so little time.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve bar hopped, heard amazing local bands, galavanted all over Neptune (aka The City of Rocks) hiked to the ridge of the sunsets, ate my weight in local burgers, had a hardy helping of local art, did some treasure hunting, and basked in the glow of a yellow poppy filled mountain. What did you do?

Let’s start with a fun filled night of bar hopping. I don’t drink mind you and I still had a great time with my friends. We started off at the newest bar downtown called Later Later.

This place has such an awesome atmosphere with its ice house vibe. It has a very big city feel and the view alone is worth going for.

They open the doors all around it so it really opens the space up, ideal for our perfect El Paso nights.

Afterwards, we hit up The Speak Easy which is a new bar on E. Franklin next to The Pizza Joint. It’s a very simple, easy going underground bar.

From there we went to the Gray Dog. I really enjoyed this place. I liked the contemporary feel and the staff was really friendly. They have a20160220_214006_resized great bar menu as well. My friends were very happy with their drinks here. Their art is the best. I’ll definitely be back.

20160220_223249_resizedNext we went to DeadBech Brewery at the end of Durango St. This place has it going on! They are open Thursday through Sunday and have local music every Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday.

They also rotate local food trucks outside the brewery for the hungry.

This particular night we were lucky to walk in and check out local band, Kikimora. Wow, what an awesome band. I had never heard of them before so I was pleasantly surprised. If you get the chance you really should check them out.

We topped off the night at the one and only The Tap for some delicious, artery clogging, world famous nachos. If you haven’t been,  you are missing out on El Paso history.

I love being an explorer and I’m huge into being outdoors. Luckily my friends were down for a day trip adventure so I picked them up and we hit the open road.

They had no idea where we were going. They are ride are die, that’s why I love them. We started our adventure at my favorite Las Cruces local brunch spot, Bite of Belgium.

20160223_085558_resizedIf you are a waffle fan then this place is for you. Let’s face it, if you’re a fan of food this place is for you. You literally can’t order a bad dish here.

My stable dish is their omelet with gouda cheese, mushrooms, and ham. It just melts in your mouth and takes you away to foodie heaven, seriously, I can’t make this up.

My omelet comes with 2 authentic mini Belgium waffles. You have not tasted a real waffle until you have one of their waffles. I’m pretty sure they are made of panda bear kisses.

After we got some grub in our bellies we road tripped it to The City of Rocks just outside of Silver City, NM. It’s about a 2 hour drive from El Paso.

20160223_171037_resizedMy friends had never been and were super excited when we drove up to the rock formations. It’s an impressive sight the first time you see it. Camping is available here. The terrain is supposed to be like Neptune’s, the more ya know… We ran all over that place for a good hour and a half two hours before we headed to our next destination.

Next we drove into Silver City and dove into treasure hunting. They have some really great local antique and vintage shops there.

In between rummaging we took in the cities bright and eclectic art which is dazzling all around you. Silver City is such a cute city! It’s best to go any day but Sunday if you want to go antiquing.  The city closes shop around 4 pm on the week days and not everything is open on Sundays.

20160223_121542_resizedWe wanted to get one more quick hike in before the sunset so we drove about 10 minutes up the road to the Gomez Peak in the Gila National Forest. We got a good hour hike before the sun went down which was just long enough before our stomachs started growling for another feeding.

While we were in Silver City there was this one burger joint that filled the main street with a delicious aroma of yummy. We automatically knew where dinner was going to be.

The place was called Burgers, Brownies, and Beer. With a name like that, it had us at hello. They have gourmet Burgers, craft bear, and a good selection of homemade brownies. And this was the night that kicked off my burger week.

I have had many burgers this past week and still my favorite is ol’ faithful, Chuco Burger. I have been to the end of the burgerland and back this last week. I had Burgers from Burgers, Brownies, & Beer, Kahlo Kitchen, Borderland Burgers, Chuco Burger, Charcoaler, Blake’s Lottaburger & Bogart’s Steakhouse.

Outside of this week I’ve had the burgers at Papa Burger, Panda Burger, Roscos, Friscos, Crave, Independent Burger, Hot N Juicy, Big Bun, you name it, I’ve had it. Still after all that Chuco Burger is still hands down my favorite local burger joint.

Nothing beats a burger that has to be double bagged because it might just fall out of the 1st beautiful grease lined paper bag. It’s an OG burger and if you wanna do it right get the Double Double.

20160225_191743_resizedLast month was the 1st Last Thursday Downtown El Paso Art Walk of the year. This is a must do event and it happens every last Thursday of the month. All our downtown art galleries stay open late and you can take a whole art tour at night with your family.

Every month they release a map with all the participating galleries. You can also find it on my website under Events by Flyers. Also, Every Thursday night the El Paso Museum of Art stays open till 9 p.m.

20160226_235546_resizedAnother local business I got to check out the last two weeks was Puff Social Lounge.

My aunt had never smoked hookah so we had to take her to break her in. She loved it!

She even left with her own purple hookah. We had 3 different hookahs going but my favorite one was the grapefruit one.

They have Happy Hour every Monday through Wednesday 6 pm to 12 am for only $10 personal hookahs.

I also hit up the bar lounge area at Hotel Indigo. I love their view and I was able to get a lot of work done.

My stomach started growling so I hit up The Brown Bag Deli this week as well. It had been a minute since I had eaten there. They are an OG sandwich shop located on Fred Wilson. They open early, close late, and you can’t beat their prices.

I tried out the Kool aide blend at The Tea Spot. Its a blend of 2 teas, Cherries And Then some and Miner Fever. It’s sooooo good and I got to get 2 for 1 stamps on my loyalty card since I went on a Tuesday.

20160220_203939_resizedI finally tried this new place called The Avocado and they are off E. Missouri. It’s the cutest little Bistro/Antique store. They have a pretty big menu.

Too many options for me personally so I ordered the Surprise Sandwich which also comes w kettle chips and their spicy avocado sauce.  It’s all about that sauce man, so dang good and only $5! I know I’m gonna be eating here a lot.

Another great place I finally got to try is Kahlo Kitchen in far east El Paso. This place has it! The food is fantastic, the plating is beautiful, and the staff was so friendly. A perfect dining experience.

I also checked out The Antique Mall- El Paso, Proper Print Shop, local estate sales, Joe Vinny & Bronsons, Punk Rock Flea Market,  Hoppy Monk Pop
Up Market, Brass Monkey, Dream Chasers Club, The Rock House Gallery, Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount,  Kangnam Style  (Amazing lunch menu), Bogart’s Steakhouse (has a new $10 Lunch Menu), Luna Rossa Winery & Pizzeria in LC ($5 pizzas ALL day every Monday), The Country Inn, Coffee Box, Leo Marketing (Best advertising agency in El Paso 😉 ), and The Pizza Joint for Open Mic Night (every Wednesday)

It’s Poppy Time! That’s right the poppies are back and fuller then they have been in a couple years. Transmountain is absolutely gorgeous right now in a sea of yellow. It’s the perfect spot for all your spring photos. Free Family Fun.

I’d  like to end by saying, HAPPY NATIONAL BALLER ON A BUDGET MONTH! Last year I created this national holiday when I found my pockets were a little light last March while I was saving for a house. It was such a success that I decided it’s a keeper and to bring it back for a 2nd year.

I tried to start National Bring Annie Chocolate Day about 3 years ago but for some reason it didn’t take o ff as well as National Baller on a Budget Month. Anyhow, all March I will show you fun ways to enjoy El Paso and the surrounding areas, all on a budget.

One last note, my site will be temporarily down for a much needed facelift. Bigger and better things are on the way for Annie’s Adventures. It will also be much easier to use on your smart phones and tablets.

If you have any EVENT FLYERS you would like me to share please FB message them to me.

There is no excuse to sit around with nothing to do. As always Go Local and tell them I sent ya 😉

-Annie’s Adventures




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  • Check out Rendez Vous in Las Cruces with Thierry the owner from France who has a great menu and amazing croissants and pastries and a great menu at affordable prices

    • I’ll definitely check that out. Thanks for the heads up!

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