• March 6, 2021
 Annie’s Adventures: Enjoy life, it tastes so good!

Annie’s Adventures: Enjoy life, it tastes so good!

The past two weeks have blown by. They’ve been intense, enchanting,  and oh “so yummy!”

What did you do the last couple weeks? Let me give you some new adventure ideas for the next time you want something new to do.

Last Friday I got out of work early and I’ve been craving some outdoor exploring.  I took off to Deming to see what that place was all about. It’s a quiet, little town with a few cool rock shops and book store, but all-in-all pretty low key. But,  they have Rockhound State Park and you can even go rock hunting out there.

The views are gorgeous and the weather was perfect for a hike. I got there a little later in the afternoon so I went exploring to just see what all was around but didn’t have time to get out and hike before the sun went down.

20160115_160300_resized   I fell in love with the area so much I went back again on Sunday morning to catch the sunrise and get a hike in. It’s a short hour and 40 min drive away and $25 in gas. There’s no excuse not to go check it out.

This time of year is perfect because that state parks usually gets packed in spring and summer. Winter is their slow season.

On top of a few outdoors adventures I also had some “foodie” adventures that I want to share with y’all.

There is a brand new restaurant called Brunch Club that just opened.  It’s a cute corner open window restaurant located a few doors down from Bogart’s Steakhouse  (another great spot). I had a business meeting there and everyone was more than pleased with everything they ordered.

I got the Ant Benny w/ a chorizo hollandaise sauce and pulled pork that will rock your world. It came with a side so I got their quiche trio which is 3 different mini quiches. Absolutely fantastic.  I loved it so much I went back with my friend 2 days later.

I know, I know but yes; it’s really that good.

This time I had their torta and fries. I can’t wait to go back to try something else. They have a very eclectic20160122_115556_resized delicious sounding brunch menu as well.

Heads up, they also have a brunch buffet on sundays. On top of a fabulous menu they have a great selection of coffee drinks and juices from their juice bar.

It’s probably my new favorite brunch spot in El Paso.

I also wanted to tell you about a catering company that I featured on my Facebook blog this week, Around the World Catering Service. If you are in the market for caterers or maybe a personal Chef for a romantic night look no more.

20160121_174741_resizedThey have my stamp of approval to the moon. I have been visiting them for the past 3 years and they never disappoint. They can work a kitchen like a champ. I got to test drive 3 of their new menu items.

Red wine pasta w/ seared ribeye with pesto and asparagus, sage and tarragon mustard butter cream sauce grilled chicken breast paired with garlic parmesan chunky mashed potatoes and fresh green beans and  mushrooms sauteed in ancho chile, and cilantro jalapeno pesto pasta with blackened chicken. “Jiminy crickets,” they did it again!

That red wine pasta dishes was probably my personal favorite of the 3 amazing dishes I got to sample. Their presentation is always on point too. I’m telling you, if you hire them you will NOT BE disappointed.

20160123_104821-1_resized**Honorable mention- Bite of Belgium in Las Cruces is hands down my favorite local brunch spot. They are deliciously consistent and their food simply melts in your mouth.

My personal favorite dish is their ham, mushroom,  and gouda cheese omelette paired with 2 of their AUTHENTIC BELGIAN WAFFLES.

Yes… I said it… they are legit Belgian waffles and that’s their specialty. Swing by next time your hungry and in LC.

Brunch Club, Around the World Catering Service, and Bite of Belgium are Totally Annie’s Adventures Approved! Tell them I sent ya  😉

Some other local businesses I hit up this week that I recommend you check out are- Jerusalem International Food and Grill, Nour Mediterranean, Gussie’s Bakery, Ice Creamed Myself, Tacos Don Cuco,  Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount, Tasty Donut Cafe, Little Diner for $1 Taco Thursday & $1 Gordita Monday

-Annie’s Adventures


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