Annie’s Adventures: Guns and Roses

Howdy neighbors, it is another Sunday Funday. Let’s do a quick recap of the past 2 weeks adventures. Maybe something or some place will pique your interest for your next local adventure.

As you all know, this month is “National Baller on a Budget month”. Every Sunday I go on a different hike around our area. The past two hikes are near the Border Patrol Museum and Archaeological Museum off Transmountain and another spot that I had found right next to the El Maida Shrine Auditorium.

The first one off Transmountain was gorgeous. It was a nice cloudy day, but the poppies lit up the mountain. It’s $FREE.99 to go hiking, so I do it often. If you do decide to enjoy our gorgeous mountains please put safety first. Always take more than enough water and always let someone know where you are going. These mountains can be a beautiful disaster if you’re not prepared.

My 2 *Invites of the Week include The Nitro Box Frozen Treat Shop and Dry A Blow-Dry Bar. I also had one visit at a brand new cafe that just opened in Horizon,  Lemon РCoffee Smoothies & Deli

The Nitro Box was a treat – see what I did there ūüėČ – they make their ice cream and frozen treats with liquid nitrogen. ¬†It’s the 1st and only of its kind in El Paso.

Apparently these types of shops are very popular in Juarez and I can see why. They are located inside one of my favorite local restaurants, La Tierra Cafe, and open until 7pm.

If you’re interested in their best flavor it’s called the Annie’s Adventures flavor, he he he. It’s a chocolate peanut butter ice cream with waffle cone bits and whatever other topping your heart desires and topped with their fudge sauce. Mmmmhmmmmm, so good!

Anabel hooked it up when I went to get my hair did at Dry A Blow-Dry Bar. She made me look fancy and my hair stayed curly for 2 days and if I would have let it I’m sure it could have been 3. My hair does not hold a curl so Anabel had her work cut out for her and worked some magic. Keep them in mind when you’re looking to get dolled up.

Lemon – Coffee Smoothies & Deli is a new cafe that just opened in Horizon of Eastlake in the Pets Barn shopping center. They offer coffees, teas, smoothies, salads, & sandwiches. Their house special is Orange Coffee, you gotta try this. Everything is made fresh and is HEALTHY for you. I wish we had one in central closer to me. I’d be there all the time. A must try!

Not sure if yall know or not but I love a good range day and the fresh smell of led on a sunny day or rainy day or really any day I can open my eyes wide.

20160309_145425_resizedEvery so often I like to go on a gun shop tour and see what’s out there. I’ve been looking for a concealed sig for a minute. I’m kind of a gun and gear snob so I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for but have no doubt that I will.

I didn’t get to hit all the shops but managed to check out Sportsman’s Elite, Gun Central, El Paso Gun Exchange, ¬†Collectors Gun Exchange, Academy, ¬†and Gander Mountain.

My favorite local shooting range is Sportsman’s Elite. That’s where I got my concealed handgun License. While we were at Gun central, we decided to hit up their range. I had not shot there yet so I was curious to check it out.

Their targets rotate and you can set up paterns for them to rotate. It’s a smaller range than Sportsman’s Elite but still pretty cool. After your first time, ladies shoot free for a year after they register.

This past Tuesday I had the Privilege of taking 2 guests, who flew in from NY, out on a quick tour to scope out El Paso and potentially bring a huge project here.

I only had a few hours with them so tried to take them to as many spots as possible in a short amount of time. We hit up L & J for brunch, Coffee Box for a coffee fix, TI:ME at Montecillo.

Before we went to TI:ME I took them down to 3rd and Cotton so they could look at our awesome graffiti murals.

Next we went to TI:ME, I wanted to show them our awesome box car shopping center and local shops. We had to stop at Chuco Relic while there so they could pick up some local swag. Chuco Relic was formally know as Manchot but recently changed their name when they moved to TI:ME a couple weeks ago.

We also hit up Mother of Pearl since this specific project involves awesome music and bands. We also had her coffee break at Hillside Coffee & Donut Co., you know how people from NY like their coffee.

After that we hit up The Red Door Vintage Shop, Proper Print Shop and The Fab Lab. I drove them around downtown a little and showed them a few of our new bars like Black Bird Cantina, Later Later, Gray Dog, and DeadBeach Brewery.

Like most tours I give, I love to take them over Scenic Drive to show people how awesome and grandiose we are. By the end of the tour they were head over heels with our city. It’s looking really good EP. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for more info as it comes through.

Later Tuesday night I went to the opening of Fuzion Casual Fine Dining off Edgemere in far east El Paso. ¬†I was looking forward to this opening ever since El Asador closed their doors. I’m so happy that Chef Val opened a new restaurant and is still serving her delicious food for all of us to enjoy.

This is top shelf food at awesome prices. I tried their chorizo, green chili, and bacon Queso Fundido, their Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (my personal favorite), and samples of 3 delicious cheesecake samples they will be offering. This is truly a restaurant you want to taste for yourself.

On Thursday I was invited to take a tour behind the scenes of the construction of the new Alamo Drafthouse being built off N. Mesa. This is one of my favorite theaters I’ve been to. I used to go all the time when I lived in Austin and San Antonio.

It’s more than just a movie theater. ¬†Alamo Drafthouse caters to the experience. It’s unlike any theatre you’ve been too. You can go see a new film, enjoy a Napoleon Dynamite dance off Competition, an air guitar competition, or any number of fun events they come up with.

We’ll have 8 screens where you can order food, beer, and wine all throughout your movie. They will also have the Glass Half Full bar where you can sit and relax with over 45 beers on tap.

You don’t have to go see a movie to enjoy the bar. They will host game nights like Cards Against Humanity, ¬†Comedy Night, live music, etc. One thing I’ve always been a fan of other than their Porky’s Pepperoni pizza is their very strict no talking no texting policy. If they catch you they kick you out. As a frequent movie goer, I love that rule.

Also, you are not allowed in if you are under 18 and not accompanied by an adult or guardian. Sign up for their rewards card. They are looking to open end of April early May. I’m doing the happy dance.

On Saturday,  I did the Insane Inflatable 5k. That was my first time and I won a medal and a shirt! Okay, okay, so everyone got those but I still had a blast. I run every morning but this race was a good reminder that I need to push myself more on my workouts lol.

I really did have a lot of fun though. I LOVED all the¬†obstacle ¬†courses. I wish there was a race with only inflatable obstacle courses… maybe one day.

20160318_135121_resizedThis time I’m writing my column from the El Paso Municipal Rose Garden, off Copia across from Memorial Park. The weather is perfect and I thought it was a nice quite spot to get some writing done.

The flowers are few and buds are just starting to come out. I’d say in about 2 weeks the garden is going to look GORGEOUS. ¬†This is the perfect spot to chill, take pics, or arrange for your special day.

Next month I’m taking you all on my great Colorado adventure. ¬†I’ve never been so I’m super excited to go. I’m planning to check skydiving off my bucket list while I’m there.

My friends and I decided to have shirts made up for our trip. They’re going to say Guts Over Fear in the front. I went to Proper Print Shop to have them made locally. ¬†Proper Print Shop makes awesome local shirts that you can buy at their shop, Chuco Relic and Dreadful Things. ¬†I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like.

Local foods I’m addicted to- Coco Miel’s $5 salads, spicy avocado sauce at The Avocado, ¬†Papa Don Cuco from Tacos Don Cuco, Mexican Tortas from Rulis, pretzel from Block Table & Tap, Iced Coconut latte at Coffee Box, spicy salmon roll at Sunny’s, ¬†Korean Ramen at Kangnam Style, cheese burger from Chuco Burger, & steak pho from Saigon Taste.

Markets I checked out – Punk Rock Flea Market, ¬†Dreadful Things Market, DeadBeach Brewery St. Patrick’s Day Market. ¬†Find info about their next markets on their FB pages. Sidebar, I had to see Kikimora at DeadBeach’s St. Patrick’s day festivities. That market was so much fun and it’s always a good night when you get to hear Kikimora do what they do best. 5 star night, check them both out!

Local businesses I went to that I recommend you check out (Baller on a Budget ideas) РSaigon Taste (Best Vietnamese in town), Ice Creamed Myself,  Great American for $10.99 steak special, Coco Miel for a 2 am gourmet pizza, The Avocado- try the sandwich surprise and $5 lunch box, Tacos Don Cuco, Little Diner for $1 Taco Thursday,  Asylum Comics and Cards, Uptown Cheapskate  (Closest thing to Buffalo Exchange we have. BUY*SELL*TRADE)

Kangnam Style Sushi for their awesome lunch menu, Chuco Relic for local swag, Mother of Pearl for vinyl, ¬†All That Music, German Pub, Graffiti off 3rd and cotton, Antique Traders, The Tea Spout, Coffee Box, Joe Vinny & Bronsons for live music every Tuesday night, Rulis’ International Kitchen, ¬†Gelateria Gufo Di Milano, Mom’s Fresh Juice, Brunch Club, Clock Family Diner (don’t order the queso, everything else is fine), & Alameda Thrifty Pharmacy.

Go Local and tell them I sent ya ¬†ūüėČ

-Annie’s Adventures /AnniesAdventures (new site in process)