brisket diablo dare
brisket diablo dare

Arby’s Diablo Dare Smoked Brisket Sandwich review

It seems like all the fast food companies are adding a “spicy” option to their menu. Arby’s added a challenge to their spicy menu, the Diablo Dare. Starting January 18, 2023 anyone who has taken the challenge is encouraged to use the #ArbysDiabloDare hashtag on TikTok to talk about their experience and how long it took them to down the sandwich.

Arby’s believes they have the spiciest sandwich on the market. The sandwich has five sources of spice, including a layer of ghost pepper jack cheese, fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapenos, a special BBQ sauce and it’s all placed in between a red chipotle bun. Customers can choose a crispy chicken patty or smoked brisket for the protein, I chose smoked brisket. They even include a 12-ounce vanilla milkshake for free to cool your mouth down between bites.

“This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart,” said Patrick Schwing, chief marketing officer of Arby’s, in a release. “Everyone in the quick service restaurant industry says they have a spicy option, but our research tells us that consumers are disappointed by fast food claims of spicy.”



Roast Beef
Natural Cheddar
Shredded Lettuce
Diced Jalapeño
Diablo BBQ
Diablo Bun
Fiery Seasoning

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