Annie’s Adventures: Graffiti or Art, both feed the soul

El Paso is blessed with beautiful art all around us. For me personally it feeds my soul. This past Monday I took my Facebook followers on a local mini graffiti tour. I only had about an hour and half left of sunlight so I was able to fit in 3 stops.

My 1st stop was at #borderlandjam on 3rd and Cotton. Frontier Foods & Cold Storage Inc. has their entire building wrapped in art by talented local graffiti artists. Aside from this past Monday I have been there on numerous occasions to show my friends the art. It’s completely safe for the whole family to walk and look around. You can go at night, just take a flash light.

The second stop on my mini graffiti tour was at Lincoln Park. All the freeway pillars are standing works of art thanks to more talented local graffiti artists. The graffiti here is older so you get a bit more culture when you come look at the art. This park also has work out stations built into it around the bend.

My final stop before the sun called it a day was downtown El Paso, our Artist District. Take a cruise around this area and the graffiti murals are everywhere. You will find new and older pieces of graffiti murals downtown. Some show our beautiful heritage and culture and some just make you want to drink a Jarritos beverage lol.

This art, be it downtown, at Lincoln Park, or 3rd and Cotton, is definitely only something locals will know about. All and all it makes me feel like home.

I encourage everyone to take a graffiti tour of their own. If you want more art in your life please consider going to downtown Last Thursdays El Paso event. This happens every last Thursday of the month and local downtown art galleries are open late for people to go get their art fix. Take the whole family!

Many of the participating venues have monthly themes so the art is constantly changing. Also, every Thursday the El Paso Museum of Art downtown is open until 9pm, this makes for a great date night.

You can also find local art at the Artist and Farmers Market every Saturday in Downtown El Paso and Ardovino’s Desert Crossing. Remember, Chalk The Block is also coming up October 9th – 11th. All of these suggestions are FREE so no excuses. Get out, feed your soul and tell them Annie sent ya 😉

-Annie’s Adventures

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