• May 17, 2022
 Art Seeds. Cultivating Vision, Hope, and Possibilities

art seeds – You are invited to have writing materials for this workshop, as well as basic art supplies such as crayons, colored markers, or colored pencils, and drawing paper.

Art Seeds. Cultivating Vision, Hope, and Possibilities

Borderland Rainbow Center invites the community to participate in an upcoming ART SEEDS project.

By utilizing the prompts of Art Seeds participants will be guided in self-expression through writing and/or art. In practicing writing and visual art, we can grow our creative skills, express thoughts and feelings, and problem solve. Workshop activities may include but are not limited to goal setting, personal growth, envisioning change, as well as health and healing.

It is the hope that attendees may grow in self-awareness and confidence, plus experience better communication with others, and heal.

This workshop aims to provide a safe, judgment-free opportunity for self-exploration, mutual aid, and healing, and thus encourage individuals to share their writings and artwork, and comment as they feel comfortable.

The workshop can also serve to inspire participants to explore their talents and skills in the use of words and forms. No one method of expression is mandatory.

Please be aware that there is no right or wrong way to any creative process – there are no grades! Yet, this is a way to experiment, learn, and express who you are, how you feel, and/or how you view your life, your experiences, and/or your world.

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