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Wednesday , August 15 2018
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Arturo Portillo

Art-PortilloArturo Portillo was born in Illinois in 1979 and moved to El Paso when he was 11 years old. He wrote his first story when he was in third grade, winning an award for best children’s fable. That was the day that got him on his way to pursuing a career in the film industry. It wasn’t until 1991 in English class at Wiggs Middle School, where he got the idea to write his first feature film script. His teacher told a story about a trip to the tip of the Bermuda Triangle, and from that point on, he learned all he could about screenwriting so he can get that story written.

In 1997, he attended New Mexico State University, where he majored in TV News Production and Journalism. He learned a variety of production skills that would help him land a video editing and videographer job in a local TV station in El Paso in 2002.

When he attended college, he finished three feature film scripts, worked on two short films and wrote many short stories. His influences are anything paranormal or out of the ordinary. He grew up watching an assortment of TV shows from I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In to Knight Rider, Carol Burnett And Friends and Night Court; so you can tell where his quirkiness and quick wit influences came from.

Arturo is a freelance screenwriter, writing movies for filmmakers and himself. He’s also an actor and director, having worked on dozens of feature films, TV shows, and short films. In his spare time, he likes to draw, go ghost hunting with his team called Research In Paranormal Science (or RIPS for short) and create special make up effects for film and TV. You can see more of his work at his IMDb page and his personal page.


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