As region struggles with surge, City releases info on Covid-19 vaccination provider registration, guidelines

Wednesday evening, officials with the City of El Paso released information regarding the guidelines and procedures for the as of yet unreleased COVID-19 vaccine.

With more than 50 vaccines currently in various stages of trial world-wide, estimates by health officials as to the earliest a vaccine may be ready range from late this year, to early 2021 or all the way to the middle of 2021.

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Bloomberg News, that a vaccine to help control the Covid-19 outbreak isn’t likely to be available in the U.S. until January.

According to the CDC’s most recent release, there is “no authorized or approved vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).” Once developed, CDC officials say the vaccine would be available to a limited number of people by the end of 2020.

If there is limited supply, some groups may be recommended to get a COVID-19 vaccine first,” CDC officials shared via their website.

Below is the city’s release.

As El Paso continues to see the spread of COVID-19 in our community, COVID-19 vaccinations will be a crucial component in combatting the disease and ending the pandemic.

Officials advised the vaccine will be received in three (3) phases. Supplies will be limited during the first phase and will be distributed through the federal government and the states; and therefore it is critical that Texas healthcare providers register to provide vaccines with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

This essential first step is a way to receive and provide a vaccine to the target population once they are made available. Vaccines will not be available without registering with the DSHS. Health officials urge local healthcare providers, clinics, healthcare facilities and pharmacies, to enroll and become COVID-19 vaccine providers in order to provide vaccines to the most vulnerable populations.

Licensed healthcare professionals will be required to enroll to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider to include, but not limited to medical doctors, doctors of osteopathic medicine, nurse practitioners/advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, and registered Pharmacists.

The detailed COVID-19 Vaccination Program is listed online at under the Vaccination link.

How to Register:

    • In order for providers to register and become COVID-19 vaccinators, entities must register through the registration portal at This website will enroll providers and allow them to receive and administer vaccines for the duration of the program. Only providers registered through this site are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Provider Requirements:

    • Per federal requirements, providers must agree to administer the COVID-19 vaccine regardless of a recipient’s ability to pay, provide a vaccination record to each recipient, store doses of the vaccine under the proper conditions, and report the number of doses received and used.
    • COVID-19 providers must track their COVID-19 vaccine activities and submit that information through the DSHS online portal.

Timeline of Vaccine Availability:

    • The State of Texas will employ a tiered system for vaccine administration, per federal guidelines to manage the initially vaccine supplies. Dates for phased vaccine shipment to jurisdiction is not yet final but it is tentatively anticipated to begin in late fall with phases continuing into summer of 2021. The anticipated phases are as follows:

Vaccine Phases:

    • Three Phases is as follows:

o   Phase 1 – DSHS anticipates limited supply of the COVID-19 vaccine. Initial efforts will be made to immunize:

        • Critical Healthcare and other critical personnel
        • Other essential workers

o   Phase 2 – There will be a larger number of vaccine doses available. The focus will be to vaccinate those critical populations who were not vaccinated during phase one as well as the at-high-risk populations.

o   Phase 3 – DSHS anticipates a sufficient supply of vaccines doses available to all members of the population.

The COVID-19 vaccine will initially be an adult vaccine; however, once the vaccine is approved for pediatric use more information will be provided.

The CDC continues to update states and stakeholders about its requirements for the anticipated vaccine distribution. The situation continues to evolve as COVID-19 vaccine trials for safety and efficacy with double- and single-dose continue. DSHS will provide registrants with updated information on an ongoing basis as the City learns more about the process.

For details, visit the DSHS COVID Vaccine website. For questions or more information on the COVID-19 Vaccine Program, email

For more COVID-19 information about the community’s vaccine plan as well as testing, data and prevention, visit