• June 26, 2022

Andrew Medley


The Motoring LifeSon, Husband, Father, Martial Artist, Eagle Scout, Performance Driving Instructor, Expert Marksman, Rally Master and Pilot-in-Training. Andrew moved to El Paso from North Dakota in 1987.FULL BIO

Gallery+Story: New Porsche Dealership Races back into El Paso Market

There is one word that can perfectly describe the new Porsche El Paso dealership: Meticulous. Being an self-admitted, kool-aide-drinking Porschephile myself, I have nothing but good things to say about everything Porsche. Since my first ’76 911S some 20 years ago (after a Jaguar mistake), I always loved Porsches – and always thought I understood […]Read More

Andrew Medley’s The Motoring Life: Cruise for a Cause Set

Most car people I hang out with are really into cars, and the one thing they love most about their cars is driving them. And I mean driving them HARD. Of the many kinds of car people, lots of them are what drivers refer to as “hard-parkers.” Hard-parkers are stereotyped as those that dump hundreds and sometimes […]Read More

The Motoring Life: A Very Deplorable Dustball

This year’s Dustball 777 was planned to traverse a very exclusive number of teams from San Antonio to Bossier City, and finish in the diverse city of New Orleans. Only 12 people were attending this particular event, boasting vehicles such as trio of Nissan GTRs, one Porsche 911, one 1971 Chevelle and a pair of […]Read More

The Motoring Life: Sahar in Horizon – A Hidden Gem

Living in and driving around El Paso, one usually gets the taste of the standard fare: Mexican, Italian, American, ultra-expensive “gourmet” burgers, etc. etc. etc. I was completely thrown for a loop when the call came in to check out a Mexican-Persian restaurant. Say whaaaaaaa??? Sahar Restaurant is located within the limits of nearby Horizon […]Read More

The Motoring Life: El Paso to Durango to Denver

When planning a Dustball Rally, it takes a little more than a few clicks on google map as some might think. I know some other rally organizers that pick their destinations with a blindfold, darts and a paper map. This sounds pretty exciting, and we are often tempted to do the same, but for certain […]Read More

The Motoring Life: Private Track Day

As an aging male, my doctor urges me to take better care of myself with a proper diet and regular exercise. Of course, the diet plan is a struggle, but there’s not much more out there that is as strenuous as the adult classes at Championship Martial Arts (shameless plug for this amazing karate studio.) […]Read More

The Motoring Life: A True Automotive Enthusiast

There are so many automotive events out there in the world today — ones that not even I have heard of myself. And notice that I carefully constructed this article to say “automotive” instead of just “car” to not leave out the trucks, SUVs and countless other variations of enthusiasts-driven classifications of machines that could […]Read More