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Tuesday , January 22 2019
RHINOS 2018-2019 728
Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
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Bianca Delilah Cervantes

I'm a writer at heart. Though my soul delves in various crafts including but not limited to photography, event planning, marketing, sloppy two-stepping, crowdsurfing at good shows, saving animals (sometimes people) and pretending to be the Chopped champ every night in my kitchen. My career sense is gracefully schizophrenic, having jumped from working under the wing of a neurosurgeon (quickly learning the stomach couldn't handle bloody brains too well) broadcast television, marketing, retail advertising, event planning and concert booking. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. But I'm a writer at heart.

January, 2018

  • 19 January

    Op-Ed: Dear Sarah…

    Dear Sarah, You recently asked the country to inquire about El Paso’s feelings of the worthiness of a wall between us and our sister city, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. As you know, a stronger, taller and …

December, 2017

June, 2017

May, 2017

April, 2017

December, 2016

October, 2016

  • 3 October

    5th Annual Bliss, Brews and Que Starts Friday

    It’s always a case of the belly blues after watching a reality TV cooking show, knowing it would take hours of prep and execution to barely come close to the creations of mouthwatering morsels I’d …

June, 2016

May, 2016

March, 2016

  • 15 March

    Bianca’s Borderland Beat: Festival Junkies Unite!

    “I’m never coming back to El Paso.” ~Naive Bianca, Austin-­bound, 2004. “El Paso could be the next Austin.” ~Recession Bianca, college grad living with parents, 2008. “I #$%! love El Paso.” ~Somewhat Grown­up Bianca, hometown …

February, 2016

January, 2016

  • 28 January

    Bianca’s Borderland Beat: Shows Worth Catching

    A live performance by MAAJR breeds a crowd of pop rockers and indie headbangers alike, dancing to the sounds of an experimental child produced by a one night stand between rock and EDM. The duo, …

  • 8 January

    Bianca’s Borderland Beat: Battle of the Bands tonight

    Across the road from the Black Market/Mesa Street Grill/Moontime Pizza graves donning the fluorescent CVS headstone stands the neon red arrow pointing to the entrance of the Lowbrow Palace. Endless names in musical royalty have …

Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
RHINOS 2018-2019 728