• May 18, 2021

Guest Columnist

Guest Columnists are residents who feel so strongly about a news event, a story or some other issue, that they decided to put their thoughts to paper - or computer screens. Or they are writers who have made their work available via other channels and we feature their work here, with permission. If you'd like to submit a column, please contact us at news@epheraldpost.com

Annie’s Adventures: Shop Local this holiday season

This holiday season I’d like to encourage everyone to shop local and support local businesses as much as possible. I understand you can’t find everything you want at local shops but by shopping local, not only are you helping our local economy but you’ll also find the best, one of a kind, unique, & fashionable […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp: Oui Love French Toast

Say bonjour to breakfast. This Weekly Yelp is serving up French toast in sweet slices! Ready your forks, folks, because we’ve completely drowned this issue in the finest maple syrup for your reading (and tasting) pleasure. Block – Table & Tap 4172 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX “I am never disappointed when I come […]Read More

Annie’s Adventures – My Top 2’s

Good morning my fellow adventurers!!! I always get requests to do a top 10 list or my Best of The Best list. Take your screenshots of today’s story or bookmark it in your phones. I’m gonna list my top 2’s. As always, Go Local!! *Annie’s Favorites- Rulis’ International Kitchen and Sunny’s Sushi (Viscount) *Burgers- Chuco […]Read More

Agriculture can save the Monarch butterfly

Bright orange. With black and white markings. The distinctive Monarch is the king of butterflies. If you can spot one. A number of factors has caused the decline of this beautiful insect. Illegal logging in Mexico, where the butterfly overwinters. A drought that has severely affected milkweed, the Monarch’s food source. And cattlemen treating the […]Read More

Nothing to do in El Paso…Shut Yo Mouth!

“There’s nothing to do here.” “El Paso is so boring.” “El Paso is a dark pit of nothingness.” Trust me, I’ve heard it all. To all you naysayers I say “Shut yo mouth! El Paso is not boring there are only boring people.” Get your booty off the sofa, don’t go to the bar one […]Read More

Hola Amigos! Welcome to the New El Paso Herald Post

Hola, Amigos.  It’s a new day in the Borderland.  A day full of the unknown, both good and bad.  And we’re back to help El Paso focus on the good, amplify that energy and build on the long, proud tradition of reporting and journalism that the Herald Post always stood for. But, why bring the […]Read More