• September 27, 2021

Guest Columnist

Guest Columnists are residents who feel so strongly about a news event, a story or some other issue, that they decided to put their thoughts to paper - or computer screens. Or they are writers who have made their work available via other channels and we feature their work here, with permission. If you'd like to submit a column, please contact us at news@epheraldpost.com

Agricultural land values in Texas, U.S higher than a year

Agricultural land values in the U.S. are increasing at a rate not seen in nearly a decade. The Land Values 2021 Summary report shows increases across the board in U.S. and Texas agricultural real estate values, cropland values and pastureland values. The U.S. average farm real estate value is a measurement that includes the value of all […]Read More

El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation receives $100k from Drs. Maria

Officials with the El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation Monday announced it received $100,000 from husband-and-wife physician duo Dr. Mariaelena Gonzalez-Sozer and Dr. Ozan Sozer to commemorate the upcoming 10th birthday of the El Paso Children’s Hospital. “Both of us immigrated to the United States, and we are fortunate to call El Paso home,” said Dr. Mariaelena […]Read More

Op-Ed: A response to a critique of ‘Decisions and dangers

MY response to Tim Holt’s “critique” of an Op-Ed I submitted last week regarding the covid lockdowns, defund-the-police movement, FB and Biden open-border policies and the consequences to children and illegal unaccompanied minors: First, his caption: MY Op-Ed was based on facts not a “fever dream.” Let ME be clear, Idid not make any random […]Read More

Op-Ed: Fix the Money…Fix the World!

It’s the mantra of the entire Blockchain community: Fix the Money and you’ll Fix the World. As it stands today, through a hundred-year fiat monetary system, the U.S. is the most indebted country in the entire world, with China owning the majority of our debt. The dependence on a non-backed, fractional reserve fiat currency, has […]Read More

Op-Ed: Decisions and dangers lurk for COVID generation of children

It is apparent the decision to lockdown our country, “defund-the-police movement,” and then open our borders have all impacted a generation of children’s lives in ways no one could have predicted. We’ve heard about the suicides, mental and emotional setbacks and academic setbacks. But we have not heard about the sexual exploitation and internet sex […]Read More

Op-Ed: Chaos at Fort Bliss Refugee Camp

After having read both reports filed by the Government Accountability Project regarding conditions at Ft. Bliss, I was left speechless at what I read. One would think that $1,000,000,000 paid to contractors would result in gold-star treatment! But it didn’t. This bottomless pit of taxpayer-dollar-at-waste paid for “organizational chaos.” Both reports I read described the […]Read More

Sun City Stealth head to Houston for ‘Big Heart Bowl’

In the postseason exhibition “Big Heart Bowl,” two Texas-based teams from the Women’s Football Alliance Division 3 go head-to-head as the Sun City Stealth make the 745-mile trip to HBU Husky Stadium to take on the Houston Power Football. This is the first time the Stealth and Power have ever played each other. The very […]Read More

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