• January 24, 2022

Tim Holt


Tim Holt is an educator and writer, with over 33 years experience in education and opines on education-related topics here and on his own award-winning blog: HoltThink. He values your feedback.

Op-Ed: Democrats need to fight fire with fire

Dear Democrats,  I know that you are worried about the upcoming midterm elections. Heck, you hold the slimmest of margins in both the House and Senate, and those pesky horse-dewormer eaters are probably gonna try to gerrymander their districts so much before 2022 that even Jesus himself would be living in Republican district. But I […]Read More

Op-Ed: Leave it alone…

It might have been Hank Williams Jr. Or it might have been Tom Hanks. Or it may have been Barry Williams of Brady Bunch fame. Or it might have been a Russian troll somewhere in Büggerglaub, Khakassia. Who knows. Who cares. Whoever wrote it, a whole bunch of Facebook users protested the only way they […]Read More

Op-Ed: Questioning your crazy anti-vaxxer Uncle

Good teachers, some of the best teachers in fact, let students discover learning on their own. Often, this involves gently nudging students with well-timed and well thought-out questions. A good teacher can do wonders just by getting students to, what is called in the education biz, “metacognition” or thinking about thinking. Steering students to a […]Read More

Op-Ed: Barbara Carrasco’s Fever Dream OPED

While trying to understand Barbara Carrasco’s recent fever dream word salad OPED: “Decisions And Dangers Lurk For Covid Generation Of Children” (Aug 6)  I was struck by the randomness of her accusations, which read like Q-Anon conspiracy thread had mated with the One America News Network and had Tucker Carlson’s love child. I THINK I […]Read More

Op-Ed: You have experienced “Learning Loss.” Are you OK?

When you were in school, somewhere along the way, you probably “learned” some, if not all, of the following things: Causes of the War if 1812. How to factor a quadratic equation. The elements that made up the “Noble Gases.” A list of prepositional phrases. The capitols of every state in the US. How many […]Read More

Op-Ed: Driving a Car and Why Online Learning wasn’t as

Do you remember when you were learning to drive a car? You probably weren’t too good at it at first. You struggled to find the right buttons to push, the right pedals to press, which mirror to look at. At times it seemed like you would never learn how to drive. (And don’t get me […]Read More

Op-Ed: Dear History Teachers – Welcome to the Club

Dear History Teachers, Sorry for the recent dust-up over Critical Race Theory. Seems that you are the new target of the red hats for the next few news cycles until they find a new fake crisis to get all irked up about. Truly I am sorry. You know and I know that they don’t even […]Read More

Op-Ed: Sunday Quiz – What do these 100 things all

What do these 100 things all have in common? Critical Race Theory Black Lives Matters ANTIFA Rock Music Sharia Law Violent Video Games Transgender People Gay Marriage 1619 Project Benghazi Covid Vaccines Nationalism Culturalism AIDS Welfare babies Pizza Gate United Nations Area 51 Barack Obama Ukraine Jews Death Panels Health Care for All Food Stamps […]Read More

How Barbara Streisand helps with Critical Race Theory

In 2003, famous rich person Barbara Streisand went to court to try to stop an obscure photographer from completing an obscure project documenting the obscure topic of beach erosion in California. Because her house butted up to and overlooked one of the public beaches the photographer was photographing, the famously private Streisand thought that by […]Read More