• May 17, 2022

Troy Stegner


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Valiant Comics Bloodshot movie coming soon

Can Sony Kill Bloodshot? Sony has a 5 movie deal in place with Valiant Entertainment to produce movies based on their character line. The proposed schedule has 2 Bloodshot movies, 2 Harbinger movies, and a final Harbinger Wars movie. This should help bring those under-appreciated characters/story lines into the limelight. Bloodshot is a former soldier […]Read More

How to play Splendor

How to play Splendor Danny McKinley from ZiaComics.com teaches us how to play Splendor. Splendor is a game of chip-collecting and card development. Players are merchants of the Renaissance trying to buy gem mines, means of transportation, and shops all in order to acquire the most prestige points. The goal of the game is to build […]Read More

Lil Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody

Lil Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody It’s Only Just Begun I know what you’re thinking… Majestic aren’t I? Why yes, yes I am other Lil’ Deadpool. Try not to stare at these nalgas people, and take in that sunrise. It’s a new year and I got plenty of bullets, one for each upcoming day. Ok, more […]Read More

Lord of the Fries Games Review

Lord of the Fries Review HEY YOU GUYS!!! It’s time for your weekly board game blog. Today we are gonna take a look at “Lord of the Fries” by James Ernest and Cheapass Games. Lord of the Fries is a card game that mixes the awesomeness of zombies with the mediocrity of the fast food industry. It plays 2 […]Read More

Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot and Katana

Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot and Katana Jack and Troy from ZiaComics.com talk about the upcoming comic book, Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana. The six-issue mini-series will showcase the popular characters of Deadshot and Katana, who both are members of the Suicide Squad in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. If you don’t know […]Read More

Star Wars R5-D4 1/6 scale figure SideShow Unbox

Star Wars R5-D4 sixth scale figure SideShow Collectible Unboxing Patrick from ZiaComics.com shows us what’s in the box for the Star Wars R5-D4 sixth scale figure from SideShow Collectibles. For those not familiar with SideShow Collectibles they are a specialty manufacturer of movie, film, and television collectible figures and statues. SideShow Collectibles features properties such […]Read More