Bam Box Ultra Mike Tyson unbox and review

Love him or hate him, everyone knows the name Mike Tyson. When Bam Box offered the Mike Tyson autograph box, I jumped on the opportunity. I opted for the box with a Tyson signed Knockout print, Tyson signed Funko Pop, and Tyson signed boxing glove. These three items came with authentication. There was also a limited number print from Hangover signed by the artist, Billy Martin. They threw in a Mike Tyson patch to round it out. This box was a little pricey, but you should expect to pay that amount for 3 certified Mike Tyson autographs.

Manufacturer Description

BAM! Plus is one of the boxes offered by the BAM! Box. BAM! Box is the original autograph subscription box company for fans by fans. We’ve sent out over 300,000 boxes since we began. It is our goal to offer something for every type of fandom you love. All of our autographs are certified by the industry leading 3rd party authentication company, Beckett Authentication.

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