Devils Reign

BamBox Devil’s Reign: X-men #1 signed by Vincent D’onofrio unbox and review

I received an email from BamBox saying they were moving offices and found some stuff that had been stashed away and forgotten until they started packing up. One of those items was Devil’s Reign: X-men #1 signed and CGC witnessed by Vincent D’onofrio. Devil’s Reign is a good story-line from Marvel that centers on Daredevil/Kingpin, but it does crossover to a few other titles (like X-men). The gist of the story is Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin is mayor of NYC. He decides he wants to get rid of all those pesky mutants. How the X-men tie into it is Kingpin wants to get rid of the Krakoan tree portal the X-men have in NYC. There is a fair bit of Emma Frost flexing, Daredevil & Elektra fighting, and a smidgen of Purple Man added to make things interesting.

The story alone wasn’t enough to make me want to buy this slab. The Vincent D’onofrio autograph on that cover with the amazing artwork depicting Kingpin is what sold it for me. Vincent is a very versatile actor who has portrayed many fan favorite characters in movies and TV. Some of his more memorable for me are Private Pyle from Fullmetal Jacket, Bill Newman in JFK, Edgar in Men in Black, Carl Stargher in the Cell, Vic Hosking in Jurassic World, Robert Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Wlison Fisk (Kingpin) in the MCU. He brings a little something special to each of these characters.

I think if you are a fan of both the X-men and Vincent D’onofrio as I am, this signed slab is an amazing piece. Even if you are just a D’onofrio fan, having his autograph on this comic about one of his most popular characters is a great addition to your collection. If you could care less about Vincent D’onofrio or you don’t collect autographs, you would be better served just picking up a raw copy of the comic or an unsigned slab.

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