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Bank of America Contributed more than $427,000 in El Paso in 2022

 As part of its commitment to responsible growth, Bank of America has contributed more than $427,000 across El Paso this year through philanthropic grants, sponsorships, employee contributions and company-matched donations helping to strengthen the local economy.

The support is helping to drive economic mobility and social progress, with a particular focus on advancing racial and ethnic equality.  Specifically, Bank of America’s local giving this year was directed to address workforce development, support small business growth, and create mental health solutions for area residents.

For instance, grants supported key workforce development and entrepreneurial programs in partnership with organizations like Pioneers 21 and the El Paso Children’s Hospital. Through Pioneers 21, bank funds will support business accelerators and coursework to kickstart local entrepreneurs and invigorate the economy; with the Children’s Hospital, Bank of America is aiding the newly established Nurse Internship program, which offers critical skill development opportunities and creates pathways to employment for the region’s nursing students, keeping local talent local.

In addition to philanthropic capital, the company also volunteered its time – 85 local staff members logged 750 hours of community service over the course of 2022.

“Our commitment to this community is not limited to our local economy – we know how getting vital funding to organizations on the front line of El Paso’s local challenges makes a direct impact on the lives of those most in need,” said Kristi Marcum, President, Bank of America El Paso. “We’re deeply invested in playing our role to grow this community, overcome obstacles, and continuing to make El Paso an incredible place to live and work.”

This year’s efforts also reflect the bank’s commitment to addressing critical issues and long-term gaps by partnering with local leaders and organizations to support diverse and women entrepreneurs, build job skills, support basic needs and create opportunities to help people succeed today and in the future.