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Bankrate ranks El Paso Fourth ‘Best Place to Live in the Nation’ when working remotely

Officials with the City of El Paso announced Sunday that El Paso ranked fourth on the list of the best places to live in the United States when you can work from anywhere.

“El Paso is filled with exceptional amenities and flexibility to allow residents to work from anywhere and enjoy our beautiful culture and community,” said Deputy City Manager Tracey Jerome. “El Pasoans deserve the best, and we are striving to provide our residents an exceptional quality of life and continued economic growth.”

Bankrate, a personal finance company, evaluated cities across the country to identify places where the ability to work remotely also gives residents the ability to live an even better quality of life.

The study considered the following categories and rated El Paso accordingly:

  • Affordability 10 out of 10 – Analyzed the cost-of-living data to determine the best stretch for your dollar by comparing median home prices from December 2020 to get a sense of which areas offer affordable opportunities to buy, rather than having to rent.
  • Wellness 9 out of 10 – Outdoor recreation was a critical factor, therefore the City’s parks system and nearby opportunities to enjoy somewhere other than the home was assessed.
  • Safety 8 out of 10 – Recent statistics of violent crime and property crime were evaluated to identify the safety of the City.
  • Connectivity 8 out of 10 – As working from anywhere requires internet service, an assessment on the fastest and most inexpensive internet service across the country was done, as well as evaluating broadband availability data.
  • Accessibility 4 out of 10 – While all major airline carriers do operate in El Paso, the City earned 4 out of 10 points in this category because of the current limited direct service to major business centers on the East Coast, as required for potential frequent travelers.

“El Paso also stood out as having the lowest cost of living among any of the cities on the list and highlighted a culturally rich border city with the natural wonder of the Franklin Mountains located in the heart of the City,” officials added.

The complete list of the “Best Places To Live When You Can Work From Anywhere” is available online.