• May 18, 2022
 Battleground Texas offering paid, remote jobs to college students to promote civic engagement in El Paso

Battleground Texas offering paid, remote jobs to college students to promote civic engagement in El Paso

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, while UTEP and EPCC updated their plans on how they keep operating and offering online-hybrid courses while a vaccine is developed, other organizations have developed new plans to give college students remote-job opportunities this fall semester.

One such group, a grassroots political organization Battleground Texas, has developed the ‘Battleground Texas Students initiative.’ This initiative offers a student ambassador 10-week-long program that will train and assist fellow students on how to increase civic engagement on their college campus.

One of the Battleground Texas’ core ideas is that by engaging communities, neighborhoods, volunteers, and college students can make an impact in Texas local and state elections. 

Now with the coronavirus crisis and scores of residents staying home as a measure to low the spread of the virus, Battleground Texas has had to adapt to the circumstances.

“[Battleground Texas] We do have a digital strategy that will allow students to engage voters virtually and work from home this semester,” said Mando Vasquez, Campus Coordinator at Battleground Texas.

The organization has been preparing to receive students and to train them to operate remotely.

“We’ve recently undergone relevant trainings with some of the top political strategists and active campaign staff in the country, thanks to the folks at Acronomym (a non-profit that promotes building/creation of progressive programs and initiatives) and Arena (an organization support future candidates and political staffs)”

Battleground Texas Students is not new to the game, and in fact, it announced last January it had registered over 200,000 voters across Texas since it was created. 

One of the main goals of this initiative is, according to Vasquez, to push more a progressive agenda to transform Texas.

“…We believe our Texas representatives should reflect the diverse population of Texas and we work hard to ensure progressive candidates have a fighting chance in our state.”

Despite the uncertainty of not knowing when this health crisis will come to an end and with the presidential elections less than 100 days away, Vasquez highlights the importance of getting college students involved in civic engagement activities like promoting online voter registration. 

The compensation for this position is $2,000 for 10 weeks with a flexible schedule. Battleground Texas Students is looking for students passionate about Texas politics and expanding the electorate.

Battleground Texas is hoping to have two students from UTEP and two from EPCC on board with this project. 

Lastly, Vasquez left a message for those students who are considering to join the program and what can they expect when joining the initiative, 

“We expect our team to fight passionately (un)til the end of the cycle and through their passion, they can expect to bring about a much-needed change in Texas.”

For those students attending college in the fall, and interested in applying for this remote-paid position can apply here.

Estefania Mitre

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