BBB Paso del Norte’s ‘Buy El Paso’ program goes countywide

Wednesday afternoon, the BBB Paso del Norte announced their new partnership with the County of El Paso to expand the program to help more local businesses keep their doors open during COVID-19.

“When supporting small local businesses, look no further than your neighborhood — no matter where you are in El Paso County,” BBB officials shared.

Launched in 2020, Buy El Paso has featured many businesses within the El Paso City Limits on social media, promotional videos, advertisements, and giveaways. Now local businesses all over El Paso County will have the opportunity to qualify to be featured when they sign the Pledge to Safety.

Business owners who sign the Pledge to Safety also show they’re doing their part to keep their employees and customers safe. They’ll also be listed on

“By partnering with the County of El Paso, we are giving a chance to different communities to patronize local businesses in their neighborhoods that do everything to take care of their customers and employees,” said Marybeth Stevens, President of Better Business Bureau Paso del Norte. “A new year does not mean that businesses are no longer struggling, COVID-19 is still here and we want customers to continue to support all local businesses, whether it is visiting them, ordering online, or sharing their support on social media.”

For more information on the campaign, including a list of participating local businesses, visit

Buy El Paso and El Paso Business Strong are brought to you by BBB Paso del Norte using funds allocated by the County of El Paso.