• May 27, 2022
 Bianca’s Borderland Beat: Cher – A Straight Crown with no slow down

Cher in Concert | Photo by Ruben R. Ramirez

Bianca’s Borderland Beat: Cher – A Straight Crown with no slow down

The possibility of time travel from the orange arena seating at the Don Haskins Center is apparently doable, following the legendary performance of Cher this past Friday as she kicked off her first 2020 show of the “Here We Go Again” tour in El Paso.

The music idol rolled decades of hits into a 75-minute detonation of immortal talent commencing with the fierceness of a goddess floating down 50 feet to a Woman’s World stage set.

Cher revealed she was proudly approaching a youthful 74, rocking bare-all body suits and skinny jeans in her uninterrupted allure of womanhood, unless of course, she was riding in on a life-size robot elephant donning enough sequined sparkles to face-off with a galaxy.

Losing count after costume change number seven (or eight), Cher showed no signs of slowing down.

“What’s your granny doing tonight?” she asked slyly as she wrapped up a brief empowerment speech, aimed at pushing females of the audience to follow their dreams.

A dreamlike transformation of the venue followed with each song, to accommodate Cher’s revival of the best of 60 years of hits and classic

Cher | Photo by Ruben R. Ramirez – El Paso Herald Post

covers (Abba, Donna Summer,) igniting every single member of the audience.

It was moving, if not tear-jerking to share the same oxygen and witness the magnificence of this graceful grenade of a musical genius performing live.

Beyond the delight of the multi-decade music span within a single show, costumes playing special homage to the storytelling magic of theatre arts, and an eye-popping set supplemented with flying acrobats and hypnotizing light shows, (deep inhale) Cher treated her fans with video collections of her milestones in music and Hollywood – adding to the deep appreciation already emanating from the throat knots of most if not every concert-goer.

The jam-packed Haskins center was witnessing history and every single attendee knew it.

Although the show boasted countless peaks as demonstrated in the steady flow of ooh’s and ahh’s preceding the lyrical unison of a full house, one moment shifted the emotional tectonic plates of baby boomers and beyond.

Seemingly -and only slightly- hesitant yet intentional, Cher reflected on mixed reactions from reviving the hit that catapulted her and her late musical partner, Sonny Bono into fame. And then she shrugged.

“He loves it,” she said of Sonny’s spiritual approval to resurrect their signature love song on her tour. I Got You Babe was beautifully set, bringing to life the 1960s duet with a touching projection of a serenading Bono supported by thousands of live back-up vocalists.

To date, Cher’s Here We Go Again tour may top the list of performances at the Don Haskins center for decades to come by way of message, energy, stage presence, and audience diversity.

The egress buzz of thousands trickling out of the Don Haskins sang fortune and gratitude for having experienced Cher’s magic.

To view the Herald Post’s gallery of the show by photographer Ruben R. Ramirez, click here.

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