• May 16, 2022
 Bianca’s Borderland Beat: Miles Angel’s ’30 Mins to L.A.’ set to debut November 22nd

Bianca’s Borderland Beat: Miles Angel’s ’30 Mins to L.A.’ set to debut November 22nd

There’s a magic formula in the “Instagram Famous” social chrysalis, of which I may have inadvertently plopped into the front row seat while riding the click wave of a steadfast YouTube search that would evolve into an El Paso Herald Post headline.

Local artist Miles Angel is on his way to compounding his digital existence with his “30 Mins to L.A.,” album release that will prove to be the monarch of his musical creations taking his digital presence into a high-velocity flight.

The album, to debut via live performance on November 22, marks the fourth compilation of track releases since 2016 – trailing two albums “No Apologies,” “Seasons” and EP “Desert Shadows.” Beyond an apparent lyrical evolution, Miles’ latest project reflects his enlightened focus on family and the practice of presence in his musical pilgrimage.

“It’s like a metric.. every single thing I do, I think ‘I’m almost there!’ I’m just 30 minutes from L.A., but I’m always short” he reflected on the album title he chose. “I’m kinda starting to enjoy the process. I’m kind of enjoying the pain of not getting there yet, enjoying the journey.”

As a human, a man, and more recently, a father, Miles looks to his family’s strong work ethic and advice, with literary influences by the likes of Mark Manson’s “Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” As an artist, Miles traces his early music trance to the sounds of The Beatles, particularly “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

Rock and roll influences are the bedrock of this musician’s R&B soul with sultry layers of Drake and J.Cole that send fans a swoonin.’

At first listen, it was a brief clip of “Eastside” on my Instagram feed that bookmarked my curiosity of the sensual local singer. The full version of the track prompted a more in-depth search and discovery of an El Paso treasure. Among the jams that are currently accessible and worthy of repeat streaming are:

Eastside feat. TrapSaavy – Behind door number 1 in the Miles Angel show, Eastside makes the ‘happy tracks’ song list with potential as a party theme. Yet, any fan of Amine or Rae Sremmurd could appreciate the graceful fusion of love handcuffs and hood loyalty, rap and R&B.

Ecstasy – The dormant chords that Abel Tesfaye managed to strike almost a decade ago on “House of Balloons” were awakened with revived, softened instrumentals. The kind of track sends scented candle flames dancing and bedroom shadows rolling.

Ghost Flower feat. Jae – In the true spirit of genuine R&B lyricism, Miles is an erotic storyteller that intertwines romance with an achy, intimate chorus. Featured artist Jae slides into the track as a subtle ghost flower.

Miles possesses a trove of underrated talent as an aphrodisiacal songwriter and cadent vocalist exuding genuine vibes of authenticity, humility and faith.

El Paso is riddled with creators worthy of record-breaking streams, sold-out venues and life-sustaining record deals, and Miles Angel is among the collection of rare gems on public display.

Come November 22, Miles will perform in Euphoria, a collaborative music and fashion show where he will debut “30 Mins to L.A.” as a live performance.

The album will be available on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify. Stay tuned for the full-length album review and follow-up with our featured artist.

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