Bianca’s Borderland Beat Review: Three words – Raw. Gold. Honey.

They’re the all-encompassing descriptors of an El Paso artist’s heart, development and storytelling ability. Krystall Poppin’ delivered the goods in her latest album with the sticky-ickiest of beats.

Raw Gold Honey reveals new layers of hidden vocal talents throughout her 13-track album that released at midnight on 915 Day, September 15. While EVERY track on the list has potential to be a banger – a few managed to blow out some headphones and remain on repeat.

Hot Sauce – At first listen, the beat is witchcraft – sending any listener under a beat spell with sultry songwriting and sudden stings of cadence on the chorus. The saucy spirit is infectious with an extra dose of empowerment.

Distracted – Where has this side of KP been hiding?! Soothing vocals sing us through a Houston rendezvous and heartbreak, self-revelation and fearless femme via the primo KP flow. Though she’s released tracks over the years that tip toe around harmony, KP goes all in with Distracted, predictably the track that will win over droves of new fans.

Faded Freestyle – A nostalgic feel and laid back intro immediately shifts a listener as a homie in her world. Appropriately titled, Faded Freestyle lushly twirls around R&B as she sings her own backup vocals with just the right amount of raw.

The ENTIRE ALBUM goes hard – with occasional visits from Houston rapper GT Garza in two tracks, Jedi Flow and Big Face Hunnids. The duo intertwines flows flawlessly ahead of graceful beat drops and melodies draped in mystery.

Sharing a 2019 tour bill evolved a chemistry worthy of listening to for both parties’ fandoms.

Throughout Raw Gold Honey, KP maintains a familiar ferocity in her storytelling and self-made condonation, impressively pulling it off without the crutch of sexuality.

She stands on her core as a writer with rap as her first language; and for the first time, her fans are gifted honey-kissed vocals that keeps her gold organic.

In the case of Krystall Poppin’, Honey sells.

Take a listen on itunes or Google Play.

KP will be opening for Cardi B’s rescheduled concert on October 8 at the El Paso County Coliseum. A tour for Raw Gold Honey will commence February 2020.

Photo gallery by Johnny Yturales – El  Paso Herald Post