Photo courtesy Alamo Drafthouse

Review: Big Show at Alamo Drafthouse delivers movie fun, food

Only a few weeks removed from their big grand opening, I finally had the opportunity to watch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse El Paso’s new ‘Far East’ Location.

First off, I put ‘Far East’ in quotes as to me, my family and my neighbors, the new location isn’t far at all.  Located just off the corner of Joe Battle and Pellicano, it sits right at the entrance to the High Desert and thousands of new homes.

Even if it may seem far for you, trust me, it’s worth the drive.

With the relaxing of pandemic protocols and the premiere of one of the summer’s most anticipated blockbusters: Marvel’s Black Widow, the time was right for a date night and dinner.

Walking in with our digital tickets in hand, we were warmly greeted by the staff, who were also helping wide-eyed patrons seemingly overwhelmed with the colors and ‘lucha’ decor that dominates the location.

And then you have the entrance to the ‘Big Show’ – a masked luchador…a giant luchador mask.  Simply awesome.

Once in the ‘Big Show’ you see the typical Alamo Drafthouse layout, dialed up to 11.  Spacious aisles, comfy recliners, scores of staffers rushing from patron to patron, and – of course – the big screen.  70mm of pure digital movie bliss.  I was giddy.

It reminded me of the first wide-format theater I ever went to – courtesy my grandparents – at the long-gone Fox Theater in the Bassett Center (now Place) parking lot, roughly where Office Depot sits now.  That single screen theater was HUGE.  Seats were a bit wider, alas no in-seat ordering.  But it did have that HUGE screen.  And Sensurround!   We watched the movie ‘Earthquake’ and with Sensurround! (essentially huge bass boxes) the whole theater shook.  It was awesome.  But, back to the Big Show.

Everything at the Big Show was great – the menu perfect, the crew members attentive and the food delicious as ever.  As for the movie – no spoilers here –  Black Widow does an awesome job of filling in the blanks for Natasha’s back story and expanding her family.  And plenty of explosions and fights that you’ve come to expect from a Marvel blockbuster.

All in all, when you pair a big blockbuster with a Big Show at Alamo Drafthouse, you’re getting 100% of what the movie experience should be.

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