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 RELAUNCH: BOLD Burgers and Tacos are taking the Westside by tasty storm

RELAUNCH: BOLD Burgers and Tacos are taking the Westside by tasty storm

Like a fuzzy caterpillar that goes into a cocoon to undergo a metamorphosis, BOLD Burgers and Tacos has re-emerged after a brief period, a testament of what patience, staying focused, and good ol’ fashion grit can accomplish.

Owners Adrian and Adriana Myers shut their doors on their first location on El Paso’s east side in the last week of June, with their sites set on relaunching their new location on North Mesa three-ish weeks later. Murphy’s Law had other plans though.

The opening was delayed for one reason after another including building supply shortages, back injuries, product and staff shortages, inspector delays, and then to top it off a stolen family truck (now recovered)!

“We’re just trying to stay focused and do the best we can” Adrian said in late July. Together with their kid’s Briana and Erick along with a
passionate team of family and friends they worked hard to transform their new digs – which is now three times the size of their first place, into something bigger, better, and you guessed it BOLDer!

BOLD isn’t like your typical overpriced ‘gourmet’ burger place, that has put more effort into designing the building; than designing the menu! It isn’t the brain child of some bored corporate executive with too much time and money on their hands, who splurged on the best equipment, best construction, best…whatever; only to end up with a less than mediocre product!

When you close your eyes and bite into one of these bad boys, you are automatically transported to your uncle’s house on a hot Sunday afternoon! It doesn’t taste artificial, because it isn’t! It doesn’t taste like it was mass produced; because it’s not!

This is down-home cooking at its best, and it DOES taste like it just came off of a backyard grill…because it DID! BOLD Burgers and Tacos, started out in the Myers’ backyard on the weekends when Adrian would come home from his long-haul trucking job.

“I’d get home on Friday afternoon, we would go to the store and buy everything we needed and start prepping to be open Saturday and Sunday. Then Sunday night, we would shut it all down and clean it all up, and I’d head back out on the road on Monday morning.”

Eventually this way of operating grew tedious, and the family was faced with a decision; either give up the truck, or give up the burgers! Obviously, the truck lost, as they took the plunge and invested everything they had, into opening a tiny place on Saul Kleinfeld.

Fastforward a few years later, and the family has taken the plunge once again, opening up in their new spot at 4400 North Mesa with a whole new feel and some very BOLD décor!

As soon as you enter the front door, you get a big BOLD Welcome! from the friendly faces behind the counter! Then, your nose gets slammed with the smells of meat searing on the grill, bacon sizzling on the griddle, and fries coming out of the fryer piping hot!

The BOLD paint scheme on the walls, and design on the counter tops are just a teaser of the BOLD flavors to come! On our sneak peek last week, the family and I ordered the Signature BOLD Burger, the Pastor Mulitas, the Kid’s Cheeseburger, and the Loaded Fries with Carne Asada.

I am going to glaze over the Kid’s burger and just say that both of my kids always love the burgers from BOLD. The kid’s offering is simple and sweet, but delicious and filling, which is perfect for any picky kid under 10! You can’t go wrong, but you don’t come to BOLD just to get a kid’s meal!

You go to BOLD to be anything but boring! The Signature BOLD Burger is the epitome of the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) method of making something great! Its flavor comes from within its simplicity, in that for so many of us, it is exactly what you might make for yourself at a family party on any given afternoon. It is a comfort food burger at it’s finest!

Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and tart pickles, brought together with a healthy portion of grilled onions, on two All American Patties and plenty of cheese! A splash from the triple threat of the condiment world – Mayo, Mustard, & Ketchup, and you’ve got yourself some dancing tastebuds and a full belly!

We recommend you get the Seasoned fries and a Hand Scooped Chocolate Milkshake to complete the meal!

The Pastor Mulitas with their crisp exterior act as a perfect handheld vessel to transport the sizzling meat, delicious sauce, and melted cheese, into your open mouth hole, like the Queen Mary bringing passengers into port.

The pork is tender and packed with spice and hints of citrus, the fresh cilantro and onions set the taste right, while the cheese literally pours out any direction it can.

If you are one of those people who likes to sweat while you eat; the Pineapple Habanero Salsa that Adrian came up with is not only incredibly rich with flavor, but it has a spice that can’t quite be described. Adding it to your Mulita is sure to make you smile…and need extra napkins to wipe your forehead!

Onion Rings and a Mexican Coke is sure to do you right with this one, but if you’re still feeling adventurous, you could also add an order of BOLD Rolls to top you off!

The Loaded Fries with Carne Asada are nothing less than that…LOADED! They come piled high with Queso, Crema, Guacamole, Cheese, and of course a heaping portion of tender Carne Asada! The meat is seasoned just right with the Holy Trinity of flavor – Salt, Pepper, & Garlic, and cooked to a perfect medium to maintain that moisture.

The portion is big enough to be an entrée for one person, but could potentially feed up to three people as a side to compliment a delicious burger or tacos as well.

“We’re just happy to be opening back up!” say’s Adrian, “This has been tough, we have literally put everything we have into this and more! We worked our butts off to make this happen, and underneath all the paint and new walls, we left blood, sweat, and tears, and we could not be happier with the results!”

BOLD Burgers and Tacos is officially opening back up with a Grand Opening Celebration at their new location at 4400 North Mesa in the Foothills Plaza Shopping Center, this Saturday 8/28 starting at 11am and going all day.

They will have discounts, prizes, and a jumping balloon for the kids; PLUS, be on the lookout in the future for the return of some crowd favorites, as well as some new items currently in development.

Can you say Pineapple – Bacon Jam Burger?? I don’t know about y’all, but this fat guy cannot wait to try it!


For more info on BOLD Burgers and Tacos, visit their Facebook or webpage.

Author: Dan Morales

Morales is a local restaurateur vested in the local community. Creating, planning and operating Texas Restaurant and Food Trucks Groups. Owner and Principal Operator of THRIVE-915! Food, Music, Beer, Festival and Car Show. President and Chief Executive Officer of LENX Food & Beverage Consulting Network, LLC ServSafe Manager, ServSafe Exam-Proctor, TABC Certified Server, and Nationally Accredited Food Manager  “Together, we can make a difference!” -DM

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