Video+Story: Bonham Dads Build Toolboxes, Relationships with Their Kids

More than 50 fathers and father figures came to Bonham Elementary last Wednesday night to build more than a wooden tool box — they also built a stronger relationship with their children and the school.

The dads were taking part in “Build With Father Night,” an event in which dads were asked to come after school and spend quality time with their children in a setting that was outside of their traditional surroundings.

Students and their dads spent the afternoon building a wooden tool box together, filling the cafeteria with sounds of hammering and chatter.

“This is what it’s all about,” Principal Sandy Portillo-Sanchez said. “We wanted to invite the dads to come to the school and spend some quality time with their sons and daughters doing something active.”

Counselor Julio Mascorro coordinated with Home Depot to make the event possible.

“We were able to get Home Depot to partner up with us, and they gladly accepted our invitation. We are very blessed to have them as our Partners in Education,” Mascorro said. “They sent two representatives to bring the build kits, hammers and paint and offer their assistance.”

Anthony Tourk was happy to get out of the house and do something different with his two kids kindergartner MacKenzie and fifth-grader Jovany.

“It feels good to spend time with them doing something active like this,” Tourk said. “As soon as they told us about it, I signed up.”

MacKenzie was happy to spend the afternoon with her dad at school.

“This is a lot of fun,” MacKenzie said. “I like painting with my dad and brother.”

First-grader Jonathan Ruiz took a break from playing with fidget spinner to create a green toolbox with his dad Jesus Ruiz. His dad showed him how to poise the hammer above the nail, making sure to hold it by the end to get proper leverage.

“Green is my favorite color, so that’s why we painted it green,” Jonathan said. “I like spending time with my family so this is nice. I hope we can do something like this again at school.”

Ruiz grew up in the Bonham community so he enjoys being part of the school and seeing his son participate in these kinds of events

“They are always putting together great events for the students and families,” Ruiz said. “This is a really great idea. It helps us get closer as father and son and create that bond and these memories together.”