• May 26, 2022
 Border Patrol Holding Centers Allegedly ‘Overcrowded; Filled With Seriously Ill Migrants’

Photo courtesy U.S. Border Patro

Border Patrol Holding Centers Allegedly ‘Overcrowded; Filled With Seriously Ill Migrants’

As United States Government entered day 21 of the shutdown, the impact continues to ripple through the government and the country.

The effects of the current shutdown are felt far and wide; 800,000 federal workings not receive paychecks Friday is the most glaring example of what is happening.

There is, however, one aspect of this shutdown that is not being seen by the general public or spoken about: migrants and asylum seekers who are in custody of Border Patrol.

On Friday, sources provided me with information about what is happening with individuals who are in custody during this shutdown. What I was told turned my stomach.

“A 30-40-person cell is now holding up to 150 plus individuals,” said confidential sources who work with Border Patrol. “We have some larger ones, and they got people sleeping on top of each other, and all we do is pack more in. We can’t hardly move a body with the stupid shutdown.”

But that’s not the only issue. Allegedly there are serious health issues as well.

“And there are people that are sick and should see doctors outside of here,” said a Border Patrol agent. “But, yeah, we got chicken pox, two that might have mesilles [sic]. Some have MRSA.”

There have been similar posts on several social media pages, all unconfirmed, but all similar in description and urgency.

To verify this information, beyond the agents I’ve spoken with and screenshots that were sent to me, I contacted Agent Joe Romero, one of the media affairs officers for Border Patrol. That’s when another unfortunate side effect of the government shutdown reared it’s head.

When I spoke to Agent Romero, I told him that I had individuals telling me about the overcrowding and health situations.

“Here’s the problem,” said Agent Romero, “right now, while we are on the furlough, we can’t address media or questions. That’s part of the issue with the furlough, is that our media department is basically kind of shut down.”

Agent Romero did ask that I send him an e-mail, so he could see if someone up the chain of command would be able to respond to our questions and information. That email was sent Friday evening; as of publication, we were still awaiting a response.


As this is a developing story, the details will be updated as information arrives.

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  • I didn’t even think of this of how they are stuck in the middle.

  • They are NOT migrants, they ARE illegal aliens

    • I am a lot more concerned about American citizens who try to demonize people with their language, whether the words are “moron, “illegal” or “alien,” than I am about desperate refugees fighting for their and their families’ lives.

      • Rev.
        Your are worried about words rather than lives! How do you justify this?
        Are you a human being? The USA supposedly fights for human rights all
        over the world. How is it that they don’t fight for human rights for people right across their border?

    • Mikey,
      Your entire family line were migrants who came from Europe or other countries. You, therefore,
      are, “illegal”. Your ancestors came here illegally. The indians didn’t give them a visa or permission to take their land, therefore, not only are you illegal your are a thief as well.

  • I don’t believe this at all. There is a government shutdown you moron, how are you calling people to ask anything. NO ONE IS THERE!

    You and your liberal scum are too scared to post my last comment because you know I am right!

    • As part of the shutdown, public information officers still do answer the call, but are unable to assist. (We have the recording of the phone call.) As for your previous comment, it was not approved as it contained a link to a website that features content that is factually incorrect, as well as footage that endangers the safety the of asylum-seeking migrants and those assisting them. Thanks for your comments.

  • These people decided to walk all these thousands of miles and didn’t even bother to get papers, visas, or permission to come in here. Sitting in an overcrowded jail cell should be better for them than what they had where ever they came from.

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