Border Refugee Assistance Fund announces additional support for needs of migrants at border

The Hope Border Institute and the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso, Bishop Mark J. Seitz, announced Thursday that the groups have recently invested an additional nearly $20,000 through the Border Refugee Assistance Fund.

The investment will go to support emergency humanitarian needs of asylum seekers and migrants in Ciudad Juárez, including those currently being returned there under Title 42.

“With policies like Title 42 and the forced return to Mexico of those seeking protection and safety, there continues to be tremendous human need at the border,” Dylan Corbett, Executive Director, Hope Border Institute shared.

“Through the Border Refugee Assistance Fund, we are able to demonstrate our community’s continued commitment to walking with those on the margins and supporting the humanitarian needs of people on the move. We are grateful to our partners in Ciudad Juarez for their generous collaboration in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable.”

Organizers share that the financial support will make possible critical healthcare to migrants in need at the US-Mexico border, including expectant mothers, as well a new program to meet the unique needs of highly vulnerable asylum-seeking families, including food, shelter, transportation as well as medical and legal aid.

The Border Refugee Assistance Fund is a partnership between the Hope Border Institute and the Bishop of El Paso that supports the humanitarian needs of migrants at the US-Mexico border, especially those trapped in Ciudad Juarez by policies like Title 42.

In 2021 alone, the Fund has made more than $100,000 in critical investments to meet the needs of people on the move.

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