Bowie High Welcomes, Trains new Generation of Bears

Bowie High School welcomed more than 100 incoming freshmen during the school’s annual Cub Camp last week for a day filled with fun activities and learning.

New Tech administrator Amanda Burruel organized the event to help freshmen become acquainted with the campus, faculty and staff before the beginning of the new school year.

“The transition from middle school to high school can be difficult for some of the students,” Burruel said. “Anything we can do to connect them to the school and present to them what we have to offer will help them feel more at ease.”

The scavenger hunt or “Bear Hunt” was created to help students pinpoint places on campus, such as the library and counselor’s office.

They were asked to take a selfie at each destination on the scavenger hunt list.  Freshman Lesslie Alonso was hesitant about going to the camp at first but was happy she participated after learning what it was all about.

“I am now excited to start school,” Alonso said. “This has been a fun day.”

Students received a warm welcome from the Bowie mariachi group and cheer team, as well as principal Dr. Michael Warmack.

Alumnus ret. Col. Raul Garibay spoke to students about Bowie Pride and the Bowie Fight Song
Alumnus ret. Col. Raul Garibay spoke to students about Bowie Pride and the Bowie Fight Song

They also learned the Bowie fight song, singing along with Class of 1948 alumnus and retired Army Col. Raul Garibay.

Freshman David Castaneda is looking forward to being a high school student.

“I’m happy to start,” Castaneda said. “A lot of my family has come to Bowie so it’s great to be part of that history.”

His mother and 1985 Bowie alumna Rosa Maria Castaneda hopes his experience at south side school is as memorable as hers.

“I want the best for him,” Rosa Maria Castaneda said. “I want him to be someone in the future.”

The camp closed with an extracurricular fair to inform about the many activities available on campus.

“Part of being a high school student is being able to take advantage of these programs like New Tech that we know helps students be successful,” Burruel said.

Students received their very own Bowie High t-shirts, helping cement the fact they are now part of the “Osos Orgullosos” legacy.

“Bowie is a great high school — the greatest high school in the world,” Warmack said. “We want these incoming freshmen to feel like they are a part of that.”